Nowadays, anyone of any size and any gender is starting to incorporate working out into their routines. Being physically healthy and fit has become a trend – which can be a good thing. With everyone working out and body-building, supplements that they can take to boost their muscles and their body have become all the rage. And one supplement ingredient that is getting the spotlight lately is Laxogenin. If you are here to know more about this compound, this article tries to answer the most frequently asked questions about Laxogenin.

What is Laxogenin?

Laxogenin is mostly known for being a plant steroid. The main difference between Laxogenin and steroid hormones or prohormones is that the intake of Laxogenin does not affect your body’s natural hormones unlike the latter. Also known as its shorter term Laxo, Laxogenin is a brassinosteroid that can be naturally derived from a couple of plants but mostly from the Asian plant Smilax Seiboldii. 

Laxogenin is proven to help in accelerating your body muscles – helps them grow and recover faster. Due to its natural compound and proven effectiveness, Laxogenin has become popular and a staple to a lot of body-builders and professional athletes who want to take the safer route than steroids. For full information, check out this guide on Laxogenin

Who can take Laxogenin?

There have been some questions if Laxogenin can be consumed by all genders and the answer is: Yes! It has been proven by users that there are no androgenic side effects in taking Laxogenin. 

In terms of age, it is recommended that only those who are 18-years-old and above are the ones who can take this supplement.

However, the intake of Laxogenin is advised more to active bodybuilders or competitive athletes since they are the ones who can benefit and see more results in taking it.

How is Laxogenin being taken?

Laxogenin can be consumed orally (by mouth) or transdermally (through the skin). Even though some say that the transdermal way of consuming it is more effective, this can change easily now due to more advanced encapsulation technologies.

What is the advised dosage for Laxogenin?

The recommended dosage of Laxogenin is between 100-200 mg. However, your dosage can depend on your age, size, and other factors. 100mg is the safest amount that you can take but if you want to take more, it is better to consult a medical expert.

How long should I take Laxogenin?

It is safe to run Laxogenin in one cycle for 6-12 weeks. You just have to observe how it helps in your body’s development every day and if your body is already getting tolerant of it. It is advised to take 4-6 week-breaks after one cycle to avoid tolerance.

Can I stack Laxogenin with other supplements?

Yes, Laxogenin can be stacked or taken with other supplements. Users stack it with other supplements depending on what development they want to achieve.

Are there side effects in taking Laxogenin?

Those who have taken Laxogenin in higher dosages said that they have experienced headaches due to this. Other than that, this compound has no reported side-effects to a person’s health nor does it affect your testosterone level. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women are not advised to take Laxogenin as a supplement.

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