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Top Fashion Accessories For Students

Not only can I not believe it is time for back to school, I cannot believe my daughter is a sophomore in high school! I am so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful young lady as my daughter. She is super smart, creative, sweet and a bit on the nerdy side. She plays violin in the orchestra, is on the Scholar’s Bowl and Robotics teams. She has just begun to show some interest in fashion, which is a huge relief as I was beginning to wonder whose daughter she was! I am huge on fashion and so is her older sister and we have joked about Caitlin’s lack of enthusiasm for fashion, accessories and jewelry. This year, I wanted to make sure she was keeping up with the latest trends and found the top 5 fashion items she should be wearing.

5 Hot Accessories For Students

  1. Scarves: My oldest daughter probably has over 100 scarves, and Caitlin wants to be just like her sister. It is no surprise they love to wear them as they are one of the most popular fashion accessories.
  2. Rings: Caitlin has just gotten interested in wearing rings in the past month or so. In the past 4 weeks, she has collected almost 10 of them!
  3. Watches: I love that watches made the list because Caitlin is always late! If I tell her it is stylish to wear a watch, maybe she actually will wear one!
  4. Vests: I was surprised to learn vests were on the list of the most popular fashion accessories for students. These were popular when I was her age and now they have regained popularity.
  5. Belts: Gone are the days when you just wore a belt to keep your pants up! Now they are being worn with dresses and skirts, shorts and sweaters and even as bracelets!

We are a family of four who are constantly watching our pennies. It is not cheap raising kids, keeping up with a house and car and the expenses that go with them. Heck, my kids could eat me out of house and home within a matter of days if I let them! I want to keep Caitlin fitted with all the latest fashion accessories, but I just do not have the money to do so. That is, until I learned about the amazingly affordable Wantable! This is THE place to go for all the latest trends in fashion while staying on budget. With Wantable, you can find great deals on the latest trends in intimates, accessories and makeup. Wantable, Inc is an up and coming monthly subscription service based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They got started in August of 2012 because they wanted to offer their customers the best hand picked boutique makeup, accessories and intimates at an affordable price. We chose the accessories box from Wantable, Inc. and Caitlin received these two awesome silver rings, the chain link watch and cool striped long vest.

With their monthly subscription, they offer their customers full-sized products which are based on each your unique profile. The profile only takes a few minutes to fill out, answering a series of questions to fine tune what you would like best in your monthly box. Their subscription is $36 per month or you can purchase a single collection for $40. Their Shipping is always free and you can cancel, return, skip a month, or update your beauty/style profile at any time! You can choose your box from 3 categories, which include Makeup, accessories and intimates. With the makeup, you will receive 4 to 5 luxury brand items per personalized collection. For your accessories, you will get 4 on-trend pieces per personalized collection and for your intimates, you wil receive 4 to 5 premium essentials per personalized collection. You can find name brands like Coobie, NCLA, Betsey Johnson, FACE Stockholm (sold at JCrew!), Color Club, Besame, Kibys, LAQA & Co, Glam Natural, Soxxy, and more! Keep up to date with Wantable by following them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. One USA reader will win one monthly box of their choice of accessories, makeup or intimates.

Which monthly box would you choose from Wantable?


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