Being crafty is in. There’s really no denying the fact. When creating things for yourself went from necessity to novelty, it sparked a national interest. A whole new generation has grown up realizing some of the possibilities available by creating things for themselves. Knitting is obviously among the more popular ways to get started. But people with that itch need to find new ways to scratch it. And many people are doing so by making their own jewelry.

The idea can seem a little intimidating at first. Jewelry is usually thought of as one of two things. Something that’s cheap and easily disposable, or as something made with immeasurable care and cherished for decades. When people have that mindset, it’s hard to consider creating something that would fit into the latter category. But it’s actually quite a bit easier than you might imagine.

A quick look at the practical side of things

Of course, it’s easier to believe when you have things planned out. The first thing to do is really take a look at the resources you have around you. The important thing to keep in mind here is that you have the entirety of the internet to use as a resource. That means you can use both local stores and online specialty resources. For example, GemPacked by Bella Findings will have a lot of options that you probably won’t find locally.

These first steps will probably proceed in a similar way to your earlier crafting projects. Sometimes there’s just a certain feeling when you look at various materials. Your mind might not know exactly what it is. But you find yourself linking things together. And those are the moments of inspiration to really look out for. That’s when your inner muse guides you to something truly inspirational.

Considering what came before

Of course one can’t assume an inner muse will rise up to demand your attention. Those moments are wonderful. But they’re also wonderfully rare. More often than not the initial steps will come about through a mix of more analytical planning mixed in with your artistic inclinations. This isn’t a bad thing though. In fact, it’s one of the best things about making your own jewelry.

Jewelry, and fashion in general, is about highlighting the totality of your being. Sure, there are the occasions where you’re trying to cultivate a particular look. But those occasions tend to be few and far between. It’s far more common that you’re trying to make a statement about yourself, and this is part of really growing into who you are as a person.

You’re someone who can take overlooked items around you and turn it into something amazing. Which is pretty amazing in and of itself. As such, you should try to create jewelry which exemplifies those feelings and ideas.

The process of making jewelry isn’t just about developing those particular pieces of art. It’s also about developing as a person. You’re exploring your own creative impulses. And you’re really testing your preconceptions about what looks will work for you. And at the very end of it all, you get to feel the exhilaration in wearing something you created. In showing the entire world something beautiful which came from your artistic spirit and now adorns your frame.

Some extra study material

Of course, there are a few things to learn along the way. More costly materials require some extra study in order to reduce overall risk. For example, you’ll want to study the grading of any pearl you work with.

You probably don’t want to use that level of material for your first few projects. If you do, then it’s best to put some care into leaving them fully intact and unaltered. That way you can easily salvage them for later projects if you’re not happy with the results.

This is also one of the reasons it’s usually best to start on a smaller scale if possible. It keeps the overall cost down. And just as importantly, it helps to ensure your overall stress is kept low, as well. Learning how to make your own jewelry should be a fun experience, but if the materials cost too much at the very start then you’re likely to start second-guessing every idea that comes to you. And to be sure, you will make mistakes at first. But that’s part of the fun. You’re getting a chance to grow from experiences and show it in the art you create.

An easy source of inspiration

Finally, if you’re still feeling short of inspiration there’s always an easy fix. Simply find some jewelry you’re particularly intrigued by. Now consider how it’s made. You might be surprised to find how often the answer is well within your skillset. And even some seemingly costly materials might be fairly inexpensive in the near future. This opens up even more possibilities to take some existing ideas into new and even better directions. You can reduce the overall cost of a piece while also adding in your own unique personality.