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Fashion Tips That Also Help The Environment

We all do what we can to help the environment. From recycling tin cans to using cool whip containers to store leftovers. Some of us even pull into the line of fire between whaling vessels and baby humpbacks. No matter how you help, it’s important that you make your contribution to the greater solution.

The next perfect idea out there is fashion that goes a long way to help the environment. Yes, this is a real thing. Imagine doing what you can to look great, while helping maintain a sustainable environment at the same time. There’s a few ways you can accomplish this seemingly impossible feat.

Environmentally Sound Fashion Suggestions

Create Your Own Look: In a sea of plastics and animal skins, consider creating your own, sustainable look. Palm fronds are not on the endangered list so the reality of you making your own straw hat may just be realized. Bracelets made from bamboo pieces and whelk shells may be both beautiful and environmentally sound.

Recycle Clothing: Whether it’s a used clothing store or refabricating some of your own selections, clothes can last much longer than we think. Bring that blouse out of retirement and add some bling. Cut holes in your jeans or sew up the ones you’ve already made. Pass clothes around and make sure everyone has a little piece of your ensemble.

Lose the the Leather: In a collaboration with Missoni, Malibu has created the modern huarache sandals. Visit their landing page and pick out the pair that’s right for you. Malibu’s handmade sandals, approved by PETA, are made of PU synthetic ‘leather’ and nylon, with a water-based glue. Malibu has decided to avoid working with any animal by-product, which is consistent with their support of the California Wildlife Center and their mission to “Be Kind to Animals. Don’t Wear Them.” Malibu is dedicated to the cause and will donate 1% of net proceeds to help with CWC’s cause.

The contemporary, yet culturally rich style of the Huarache sandal blends with Missoni’s colorful palette, creating a unique design that brings together fashion and utility.

Malibu supplied the ingenious sandal designs and production, while Missoni directed the colorful aesthetics and material selections they are well known for. This line of sandals integrates six beautiful colors adding an ethnic touch to Missoni’s Men’s collection, were showcased on the runway during the S/S16 fashion show in Milan.

The classic hand-woven 5-strap design is made of Vegan-Leather and everything is made with 100% water friendly materials. Malibu’s mission is to create the most comfortable, stylish and modern huarache sandals on the planet. Malibu celebrates the local-coastal Southern California lifestyle that has inspired the brand’s aesthetic. A non-negotiable aspect of manufacturing is to simply use cruelty-free materials. Now you can look and feel great at the same time.

Visit Malibu Sandals and peruse through their selection. You might just be worth it.

Who do you know would love a pair of Malibu sandals?

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