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Fashion Touch etsy shop sent me the Extra Fluffy Beautiful Flower Girl Tutu/Dress, Photo Prop, in Sunshine Yellow, White Daisy to review. Oh my goodness, this tutu is so cute! The owner of Fashion Touch creates her handmade designs with the intention of creating the best quality product for the best price. I feel she has done just that. Her shop is filled so many stylish and cute products. The owner of Fashion Touch truly has talent.

The Extra Fluffy Flower Girl Tutu/Dress that was sent to me from Fashion Touch made my daughter smile from ear to ear. Ava LOVES the color yellow. I think I may have “pink-a-fied” her a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, she loves pink but she really likes to switch it up every now and then with yellow, so she was very happy when this tutu arrived. This tutu is unique because it can be worn as a tutu dress or a whimsical tutu. Worn as a dress it has a tie neck top with a white daisy in the middle of the top of the tutu. This dress style was originally created as a flower girl dress. How cute is that? This dress is perfect for weddings, parties, or even as a great photo prop. To purchase this beautiful dress, Fashion Touch offers it for $50.

Fashion Touch not only offers super cute Tutu Dresses but also has many adorable knit/crochet baby items and photo props. There is a wide assortment of baby hats, beanies, mohawk hats, leg warmers and socks made with different colors and patterns that are sure to fancy any mom or photographer. Its fun to spoil your baby but it’s even more fun to spoil yourself. Fashion Touch has great scarves and  wraps for any fashionista.

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