Fashionable Bowls For Pets

Fashionable Bowls For Pets

If you have furry babies, do they have fashionable bowls for pets?  If you can choose to have cool and colorful things to make your home more inviting, why not do the same for your pet?  I have my pet’s food and water bowls in my room, so I thought it would be only fair to find some bowls that were are cool as they are!  Hazel is the fattest cat in the world whose meow sounds like a goat and Meap is the only narcoleptic cat in the world.  Meap’s name came from Henry as she is Henry’s cat.  When Henry was younger he had his own language and Meap meant happy.  So if he saw something he liked, he would say, “Meap, Meap, Meap”, so I guess when he saw this petite girl, he liked her!

ModaPet is a company who sells really unique and colorful pet bowls.  To give you an idea of how cool these bows are, the word “Moda” means fashion in Italian, so it fits their products well.  ModaPet bowls are built well, are colorful, are made from BPA free plastics and they have non-skid bottoms.  You really couldn’t ask for a better combination for your pet’s food and water bowls.  ModaPet has been able to combine function and design at an affordable price.

Colorful Pet Bowls

I love all the colorful pet bowls that Moda Pet has to offer, which made it difficult to choose a favorite.  I wanted to get a bowl that would fit our needs for our cats.  We choose the True Blue bowl ($24.95) which holds 4 cups and the bright orange Steel Pupaya ($19.95) which holds 5 cups.  I know it seems excessive to choose such large bowls for two cats, but since we are in the south, it gets hotter than a pancake griddle here and the cats drink a lot of water.  Also, I think I said Hazel Fantazal was the fattest cat in the world, which explains the large True Blue bowl!!  These bowls are AWESOME!  We absolutely love them and our neighbors are jealous!  How do I know they are jealous?  Um, cuz they said they were!!

One reader will win the beautiful Teal Appeal 2 cup capacity bowl ($14.95)

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