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I have said it before and will proudly say it again that I am a flip flop loving girl. I wear them all year round, which is not hard to do since we are in the south. There are probably about 6 weeks out of the year that I am not able to wear them and it kills me to stick my feet in regular shoes! My kids have followed suit and wear them a large portion of the time as well. My husband on the other hand calls them socially unacceptable shoes and should be outlawed! I have flip flops of just about every color, some have flowers, jewels or rhinestones on them. I save those for when I dress up (just kidding). The only thing I do not like about a lot of flip flops is that they are not always as well made as I would like. I have had plenty of pairs that the top popped off or the sole was worn down too quickly. One company I do love for their extremely well made flip flops are from Planet Flops.
Fashionable Flip Flops For Your Family

Fashionable Flip Flops For Your Family

We are a family of four that lives on a tight budget. We do not have the extra money to go out and buy a pair of shoes every time they fall apart. I learned early on that a lot fo the flip flops from the department stores were not made very well and to stay away from them. I have also learned that the most expensive flip flops were not always the most well made either. I have paid over $30 for a pair that fell apart in a month and spent $5 on a pair I have worn for over a year. With the fashionable flip flops for your family from Planet Flops, you get your money’s worth.

I love the selection of colors offer at Planet Flop and every pair are the same price ($28.00). You can wear them with anything and just about anywhere and I promise you, while you have a pair on, someone will ask you where you got them. Every pair are made in Brazil from natural rubber and can be recycled. The company is based in Beverly Hills, CA and are the creation of Dr. Sylvie, a podiatrist and like me, a lover of flip flops. Dr. Sylvie originally made the Planet Flops to her clients and then began to distribute them nationwide. What I love about these shoes is that they are so comfortable but they have a firm and solid base. If you see the grass on Caitlin’s shoes, that is from she and Henry playing tag in the yard after my husband cut the grass. I have not worn a pair of flip flops before receiving those from Planet Flops that you could actually run in and not slip and fall out of. That is a strong testament to how well these shoes are made. You can purchase the flip flops from the Planet Flops website, where all sizes and colors all retail for $28.00.

One USA reader will win one pair of flip flops from Planet Flops ($28.00) in the color and size of their choice, based on availability.


  1. Anise – Grey Flip-Flops
    As much as I like the darker colors, I’ve had them stain my feet after pedicures.
    Better to stick with the lighter colors.

  2. So many cute flip-flops to choose from! One I particularly like is the Vanilla Anise – Grey/Beige Flip-Flops for women.

  3. I really like the Grape Wedge –Purple Wedge Flip Flops. Purple is our main color of the school I teach at, so they would be perfect, thank you.

  4. I like the Licorice Thin Strap Flip-Flops for women. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  5. I love the color combo of the Vanilla Anise. But it’d be a tough choice to pick just one!

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