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Fashionable Rain Boots From Roma Boots Sweepstakes

Fashionable Rain Boots

Living in the south means not much snow but plenty of rain, so my family needs fashionable rain boots.  Not only are rain boots a need but they are also a fashion accessory all fashionistas need in their closet!  The trick to finding the best pair of rain boots for your needs is to be sure they not only look good, but they need to be very well made.  I have bought rain boots that left my feet dripping wet when they were advertised as keeping my feet dry!  If it is winter and you are walking around in the freezing slush, the last thing you need is a pair of boots that don’t live up to their hype.  The last thing you want on a cold and dreary winter’s day is your kid’s coming in from playing outside with half frozen piggies!

Roma Boots is an extraordinary company that I am honored to represent in this review.  Roma Boots is one of the leaders in the industry and are known for their extremely high quality products.  Samuel Bistrian, the founder of Roma Boots, was born in Romania, which has some of the harshest winters in the world.  Samuel was 6 before he had his first pair of hand me down rain boots from one of his older of 11 siblings.  He was excited, but not for the same reasons that other children may be happy to have boots.  In the village where Samuel lived, the children had to walk to school and when they returned home, they were expected to do their chores.  With so many families living in poverty, owning a pair of well-made rain boots was the exception, not the rule.  Tragically, many members of the village, both young and old, lost toes to the frigid temperatures.  When Samuel moved to America, he knew he wanted to be part of the fashion industry, but something was tugging at his heart.  He decided to sell and pawn everything he owned to start Roma Boots and in 2010, he and his team were able to return to Romania, where they donated Roma Boots to many of the villagers.  Now, for every pair of Roma Boots sold, one pair is donated to someone in need.  Please take a moment to view this video on You Tube to learn more about the company and their philanthropy efforts.   You can also tune into the Today show on 9/25 where Roma Boots will be featured.

Keep Your Feet Dry

When shopping for rain boots, they should be stylish but more importantly they need to keep your feet dry.  When I was searching for rain boots, I was inexplicably drawn to the Roma Boots Company.  These are such good liking boots but you can also see how well-made they are, just from the picture on their home page.  The Roma Boots are made from 100% rubber, are 38 cm high, so there is less of a chance for the rain to get in when you are splashing in the puddles.  I was sent the shiny navy boot from Roma Boots ($84.00) and boy are they sharp!  These boots are incredibly comfortable and although I was unable to test them out in the rain, I can assure you I have the utmost faith that they would protect my feet amazingly well!  These boots are perfect for any situation and will work with just about every fashion need.  Granted you may not wear them to a cocktail party, but if you did and it was raining outside, everyone would envy you for wearing such an attractive boot that kept your feet dry while all the other ladies were secretly wishing they had your boots!!  Roma Boots sells their products in adult and children’s sizes and they also carry quality made flip flops as well.

One reader will win the Taupe boots in the matte finish (ARV $84.00)

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  1. I would love to win these boots so I can dance in the rain and when I’m finished dancing jump in some puddles for some REAL FUN!!!

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