Fashionable Styling With Shelby Mason Bootights

One of the hottest pieces of footwear this year are boots. You find as many varieties and styles to choose from as there are discarded candy wrapper on my floor on November 1st. Among the hottest styles in the group are to or above the knee high boots with a heel and cute and sassy ankle boots. Another popular style that seems to never go out of style are good old fashioned cowboy boots. That was on my oldest daughter’s Christmas list last year and on her younger sisters list this year. Equal to the popularity of the look of boots this season are the tights to wear with them. Tights with boots go hand and hand like peanut butter and jelly and for good reason. They look dang fashionable! You can dress an outfit up or down depending on the type and print of the tights you wear. One of my favorite brands would be the Shelby Mason bootights.

 Shelby Mason Bootights

Shelby Mason Bootights Look Great With Any Pair Of Boots

The Shelby Mason line had an illustrious leading up to its inception. One savvy and clever woman with a background in selling syndicated TV shoes came up with the idea. She had been over much of the country and was an expert at traveling. She knew how tights, boots and a cute skirt could catch an approving eye but the glaring white man socks at the foot end of the tights was a deal beaker. She knew there was something to this dilemma and Bootights became a reality. Now you can find the Shelby Mason products in Neiman Marcus and Country Outfitter as well as Amazon and many other fine retailers. You can also purchase the tights from the Shelby Mason website and the prices range from $25 to $48. We were sent a pair of the adorable Darby, which sells for $25 and a pair of the Kodiak Fair Isle Bootights in black, which sell for $46.

We were sent a pair of the adorable Darby, which sells for $25 and a pair of the Kodiak Fair Isle Bootights in black, which sell for $46. I am in love with the Darby, which is a lace topped knee high with the signature Bootight bottom for excellent comfort. These flirty gems look absolutely adorable with a pair of cowboy boots and a dress. The Kodiak Fair Isle tights are so warm and comfortable that you may never want to take them off! What I love about these tights is how well made they are. You know yo can wear them, wash them and know you can wear them plenty more times without fear of them stretching out or running. Caitlin has a cute dress and ankle boots this will look perfect with! If you are looking for a high quality tight that have a one of a kind built in sock for added comfort, the products from Shelby Mason are for you!Get sociable with Shelby Mason and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I love patterned tights==only hosiery I will wear besides my running socks.
    I’d love a pair of Lincoln Park Open Knit tights.

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