I had recently attended CES, and I needed to add to my wardrobe a comfortable yet fashionable top. Where else to look for fashionable tops for women then Karen Kane. I knew that I would be on my feet for several hours of the day, and I wanted something that would not only be comfortable, but be fashionable as well. When you are spending time out and about in public representing your brand, you will want to look as good as possible and still be in comfort. When a person looks good, they feel good about themselves. When you feel good about yourself, you portray yourself in the best way possible. Check out all of my CES outfits on the slider below.

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Fashionable Tops For Women

I love the length of this Knit Sweater and how it helps to cover up any muffin top areas. It is snug around the waistline, but in a slimming, flattering way. There is a gather at the side to help accentuate the waist which for my body-type a plus! When I accentuate my waist and pull away from my hips I feel thinner. The fabric was extremely lightweight so it was a perfect layer over the basic black tank I also received. This was a perfect pairing for the Las Vegas winter weather. It was hot during the days and chilly at nights, so I was able to be appropriately dressed for the weather with the layers.

I was truly impressed by the selection of fashionable tops for women at Karen Kane. The prices are reasonable for the top-notch quality that is obvious from the moment I received the package. The garments came pre-pressed in dry cleaner bags on hangers. It was so nice receiving clothes I did not have to immediately take to the dry cleaners to have the travel wrinkles pressed out. You can check out more CES photos featuring Karen Kane by flipping through my CES outfit photo album. I also received a pair of black slacks and was thrilled to be able to mix and match high quality pieces to suit the event at hand. You can find Karen Kane on Twitter and Facebook.


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