Have you ever surfed the blogosphere and wondered at all the beautiful jewelry people create and post online? Do you ever feel a touch of jealousy when a friend flashes a new handcrafted bracelet she picked up from a thrift store? Then why not get started on your own do-it-yourself fashion accessory? All it takes is some dedication and knowhow to get started. And with so many online resources and tutorials, it is easier than ever to turn your cool idea into something spectacular.

Beauty Brainstorm

It’s exciting to start your own DIY project, but what are you going to make first? A personalized gift for a friend? Maybe something casual that you could wear to a brunch or coffee date?

If you are at a loss for ideas, a quick online search could help spark your creativity. Reddit, for example, offers a lively forum for do-it-yourselfers to discuss ideas, share success stories and even troubleshoot issues.

Instructables is another web resource featuring how-to’s for beginners or the highly skilled. Just take a gander and wonder at what is possible.

However, if it’s your first time crafting DIY jewelry, we highly recommend trying your hand at one of the below ideas.

  • A charm bracelet: It seems like a lot of women have a memory box full of half-pairs of earrings. Maybe the other half was lost long ago, but the sentimental value is preventing you from throwing it away. Maybe you are holding onto hope that the other will show up sooner or later. Whatever the case, making a charm bracelet is a great way to repurpose those misfit earnings into something useful. Just attach your earing to an old bracelet or pick up a cheap chain from the local craft store. Voila! A unique wrist piece all your own.
  • A wineglass steam charm: Inviting the girls over to sip some rosé? Adding a simple charm to the stem of each wine glass is a clever way to prevent your drink from being accidentally picked up by someone else. Similar to the above idea, take an old earing and attach it to a pliable loop available at any craft store
  • A studded anklet: A handful of gold-colored studs can be added to a thin leather or webbing strip for a cute ankle accessory. Mix and match colors to really make it your own. This same idea can be used for bracelets and chokers too.
  • A pair of tassel earnings: As you can tell, it only takes a few craft store supplies to create a bold fashion statement.  DIY tassel earnings are a wonderfully affordable way to capture that boho chic style. Get a couple earning hooks, two upholstery tassels, some rhinestone trim and two jump hooks to craft this eye catching ornament.
  • A bedazzled headband: You know that old headband sitting on your dresser. Why not glue some rhinestones on it to give it a little pizzazz? Try adding a plastic flower or bow to really make it stand out.
  • A gear necklace: Warning, this one might take a little more finesse to master, but repurposing and old wrist or pocket watch is great way to make an eye catching necklace. Try visiting an estate sale or the nearest flea market to find a vintage watch. Take the watch apart to expose the gears and dangle it from a necklace chain. Now hit the town with your new piece of steampunk flair.

A Jewel in the Rough

Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to get things right. Making your own jewelry can take a lot of practice. It also helps to pick up extra materials in case you make mistakes or your plan on handcrafting several pieces. With enough practice you maybe even be able to sell your creations online or at the nearest flea market.

Happy crafting!