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February Is National Canned Food Month #CansGetYouCooking

February Is National Canned Food Month! Last year I participated in the #CansGetYouCooking program and had a blast sharing all my recipes with you. I had so much fun, I joined again this year. Look forward to posts over the next year sharing how I use canned food in my kitchen!

You can find inspiration to create your canned food recipes from CansGetYouCooking.com and their social media channels at FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Or you can watch the Cooking Channel Special until the end of February, by tuning in to Cans Make the Meal with Kelsey Nixon. In this 30-minute special, Kelsey Nixon takes viewers down the canned food aisle, shares fun canned food facts, and creates four delicious recipes inspired by her Cantry. Cans Make the Meal with Kelsey Nixon will air all month long. For air dates, visit CansGetYouCooking.com. If you can’t make it, you can always view the specials here.

My recipes from 2013 were:

Mojito Fish And Salsa Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Dill Tuna Salad Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Yogurt Green Bean Casserole Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Fried Corn Fritters Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Hungry Jack Casserole Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Asparagus Crepes Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Garbanzo Bean Salad Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

White Bean Tapenade Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Do you have a favorite canned food recipe?

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