Fetch A Passion

Fetch A Passion Tags has the most unique and adorable pet ID tags i’ve ever seen. I was so excited when they agreed to do a review with me. Fetch A Passion is an amazing business! Part of their proceeds go towards a no-kill animal rescue. What a great way to help a animal in need! I love being able to showcase a moral and ethical business as well as a business that sells great products.

Fetch A Passion Tags sent me the Live Love Belly Rubs dog tag for my dog Macy. Macy is my four year old Maltese dog, aka my four year old child. I was so excited to have a fashionable tag for Macy because she is my diva dog. Before kids, I dressed her up, took her to doggie daycare, did her hair everyday.. she was spoiled but since kids Macy sometimes get put on the back burner. I love when I can give Macy something nice. As I attached this tag to Macy’s collar, she was wagging her tail and giving me a doggie smile. The Live, Love, Belly Rubs ID tag is made out of copper washer and aluminum. The copper washer says Live, Love, Belly rubs and the round top layer has a paw print and says Macy. The back of the tag reads my phone number, just in case, Macy decided to go for a walk without me. This tag is absolutely adorable. I have had to show everyone who has came over to the house lately because I’m just as proud as Macy of her new dog tag. A tag like Macy’s is reasonably priced at $13.

Fetch A Passion Tags has so many adorable pet tags. All of the listings display the size and detail of the tags. They do custom tags giving your pet a very special and unique one of a kind tag.

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