Sorry for the change, however we are anticipating over 10,000 participants and I will totally screw up the #’s if I have to count myself.  I added #’s to my comments so all I will have to do is look at your number to see who wins.  Trust me–I can barely add 8 and 7 🙂 much less 546 and 765!!  With the Retweets–you will be responsible for counting your comments you made on the retweets under the Blogmania Pre-entry posts.  This is the NOT the Actual Blogmania Entry Form!!  You can read to see what will need to be done and get started now!! Including an exclusive pre-entry that can only be done until 4/8/2011.  You can use this form as a checklist so you know what needs to be done; however, you will need to enter your entries under the Blogmania post  in the comments section.  Good Luck and see you April 9th to April 11th for Blogmania 2011!!  

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