Learning calculus is one of the more daunting challenges a student can face in high school or college, so there is a constant need for new learning materials on the subject. 

Useful Apps to Help With Math

If you’re looking for the most effective ways to get help in calculus, mobile apps offer ease of access and convenient learning opportunities for any difficulty level. Aside from learning the subject in-depth, users will get a variety of benefits from the apps on this list. 

Catering to Different Learning Styles

One of the most exciting benefits of these calculus apps is the diversity of approaches offered. You see, many students learn calculus with professors who present the subject as “my-way or the highway”, indicating to the students that there’s only one way to learn calculus effectively. If that one way doesn’t really relate to the student or have a positive effect on them, they’re likely to give up on the subject completely. 

With these helpful calculus mobile apps, however, students of all skill-levels can find approaches to calculus that work for them. There are apps that help younger students with calculus and cover the very basics of the subject, while there are also apps for the most complicated forms of this math discipline. Finding the right one for you can be as simple as scrolling through the list. 

Differential Calculus Versus Integral Calculus

Since Calculus is divided in half by two major classifications, differential and integral, it is integral (sorry, couldn’t resist) to learn both methods. While these two sections are generally accepted as equally difficult, many people have a harder time with one or the other. Fortunately, mobile apps have plenty of exercises and tutorials designed to bridge the gap between the two. 

These apps usually paint a clear picture of the differences in the two categories while diving into detail about each. It may take multiple mobile apps, but studying the details of each category can help you create a more well-rounded base for learning how the two schools of calculus can work together. These apps will also educate you on any of the necessary algebra skills it takes to fully comprehend the principles of calculus in either form. 

Using Calculus in Engineering

Calculus is obviously essential to a variety of occupations and careers, but engineering is one of the most advanced fields in which calculus is highly necessary. Oftentimes though, engineering school strays away from calculus towards the end of the curriculum, so many new engineers forget the necessary calculus skills to succeed at their jobs from the start. 

In order to make a good impression, engineering newbies can get a quick refresher on calculus principles by checking out these mobile apps. You can find one that shows the connection between calculus and engineering while educating you on the necessary techniques and knowledge to use it. Don’t dig around for old textbooks when the calculus knowledge you need for engineering and other occupations is right at your fingertips. 


Calculus mobile apps will not only help you find the right approach for learning calculus initially, they can also help you remember the important features of calculus throughout your career in any field.