shutterstock_234273829Learn how to complete your holiday shopping for Black Friday, while never needing to budge from the couch. Even more importantly, we will teach you to keep your sanity and your financial well-being intact in this status-conscious age. Let’s face it, holiday shopping has become a pleasure only for mall rats and masochists. Traffic, lines, burned-out salespeople, and rude shoppers have taken the delight from what should be a delightful season. Many people feel that they have an obligation to put themselves through this ordeal, almost as some sort of ritual pilgrimage. Wouldn’t you rather arrive on that holiday morning happy and smiling instead of the epitome of a Scrooge?

It’s More Than Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Certainly people who prefer to shop for luxury brands feel that they don’t have much choice when it comes to shopping. You can either do the same old same old, or you can go slightly off the beaten paths of the Internet to find some wonderful unique places to pick up your holiday gifts. Make the gifts you give as special as the people you’re giving them to, while at the same time saving enough money stuff your own stocking. Internet shopping is more than just Amazon, or big-box names. No matter where you turn you can find unique, luxurious, expertly handcrafted gifts for everyone on your list from the alpha geek, the bibliophile, to the dapper gentleman, or a fashionista. Let’s take a look at some of the best places on the Internet to find unique luxury goods, without breaking the bank.

The Alpha Geek

Everybody has at least one of these on their gift list, and how often are we so glad to know them? The comfort keyboard company knows that they spend excessive amounts of time on their computer, and could really a comfortable keyboard and wrist and arm support. Comfort Keyboard breaks into three separate parts and can be rotated in three dimensions to allow multiple positioning options for each of the three sections. In addition, the $300 keyboard will also tell you when you take a break.
Reading at a young age

The Bibliophile

Whether you are celebrating a lifelong love of reading or are seeking to bestow that lifetime gift on a younger person, Juniper Books should be your destination of choice. Described by the New York Times as being more of a library artist than a book dealer, Juniper books handcrafts bespoke book sets. Ready-made sets are available on the website, ranging from classics by Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters, to more modern offerings such as Game of Thrones and Harry Potter people with the bibliophile on their list will find exactly what they’re looking for. The children’s literature section is not to be missed.

The Dapper Gentleman

Your clothing can be on point, but to be in full effect, you need to perfect the details as well. Don’t neglect to watch. In fact, the well-dressed gentleman should have a small wardrobe of watches and cufflinks to carry him through every occasion. You can build a wardrobe of such items which are offered on consignment and authenticated in-house marketplaces. Elegant details are not just points of style, but investments. A purchase such as Bulgari jewelry or watch from TrueFacet is a purchase that will be remembered and cherished for many years.

The Fashionista

The fashionista craves top names right out of Fashion Week and Vogue. If it’s hot off the runway the fashionista will know about it, so shop for them at some of the top consignment sites on the Internet.

Happy Shopping

The best part about all this is that you can have your shopping done or Black Friday and actually enjoy the holiday season for a change. When you cut out the hectic running around, you can take your time and just relax. Who knows? By the time Cyber Monday rolls around, you might be the only sane person left in the room, and just think about those extra hours of sleep when you don’t need to be in a parking lot at some ridiculous hour of the morning. Your loved ones will be happy with their beautiful and amazing gifts, and many other people will be jealous at your serene and happy expression amid the chaos of the season.