Choosing A Halloween Costume

Choosing A Halloween Costume

For my family, we always have a hard time choosing a Halloween costume.  One year we had two of our costumes not fit although we ordered the size we wear. Another year we got rained out and yet another year, we had a wardrobe malfunction.  Here are some steps that will help you find just the right costume for you and your family.

  • Use the sizing guide on the packaging or in the form online before you buy.  Some companies cut their costumes bigger and some do the opposite.  Stay away from a “one size fits all” costume as they hardly ever fit.  I mean, whose size are they saying will fit everyone?  What if they chose a 4’11” woman who weighs 98 pounds?  I am not going to be able to squeeze into that!
  • Check the weather report!  Don’t get caught in a rain storm without your umbrella or a snow flurry without a jacket!  I realize wearing a coat over your costume stinks, but it is better than freezing to death.  One year my daughter was a medieval princess and her dress was long and flowing.  It rained buckets and we had only gotten to a few houses.  Her dress was ruined and we had to cut the night short.  At least the candy was on sale when we bought some to pacify the kids!
  • Make sure you know what is included with your costume.  There is nothing more frustrating than to think you are getting all the accessories, when the may not be included.  Just because the picture shows the cute fairy with wings, sparkling shoes and a wand, doesn’t mean they are included.  I bet most parents have had this happen and sometimes those accessories may not even be available.  It is better to know upfront so you can purchase those extras to make your outfit perfect.

Costumes That Are Affordable

Costumes That Are Affordable

With only one income in our household, we need to find costumes that are affordable.  Last year we bought our costumes from one of those huge Halloween stores in the strip mall.  For the prices, we assumed we were getting a really well made costume.  Well, you know what they say about assuming things!  These were the most cheap and poorly made costumes I have ever had.  When we tried to take them back, they told us we could only exchange them.  Oh, ok, I would love to exchange one crappy $40 costume for another…NOT!  I was very lucky to have been given two great costumes from Halloween Costumes for review.  We received the very cool Kid’s Skull Ninja costume ($19.99) and the Glinda Costume ($19.99).  I was literally stunned when the costumes arrived.  The Ninja costume came with the black top and bottom, the skull mask, one set of arm and knee pads and the skull and bone tunic.  I could not believe that the costume came with all the accessories!  The Glinda costume is reminiscent of the good witch from the Wizard of Oz.  This costume has 3 layers to the skirt and I kid you not…a zipper!!  The skirt had a slip type material, then there was pink tulle and then there was another layer of tulle with glittery dots.  The crown is the most genius design I have ever seen.  You know those plastic crowns that are fastened with a cheap comb?  This crown is made from a flexible but durable plastic and the bottom of the crown is elastic so it fits better and stays on longer.  I mean it when I say; I challenge you to find any costumes this well made that are this affordable.

One reader will in one costume from Halloween Costumes, priced at $40 or under

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