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Fine Grooming Products from TwinLuxe

Fine Grooming Products

My husband usually doesn’t put much though into what products he uses on his face so I know he will be excited to receive TwinLuxe fine grooming products for Father’s Day this year.  My husband, Scott, works hard for our family day in and day out and willingly puts up with my need to coupon and get things on sale.  This usually means that there is no consistency to his face care routine and uses whatever I get on sale or with coupons that week.  Scott has even used my facial products before when I forget to restock his.  Now that we are well into our thirties and starting to show it, we both realize that we need to create a high quality skin care regimen that we do every day.

Mens Shaving Accessories

There are an overwhelming amount of mens shaving accessories on the market, both online and in the stores.  Without much knowledge of these products it can be a daunting task to pick out what would work best for him.  What drew me to TwinLuxe was the website and the high quality products their offer.  Clean and simple with lots of information on what products to use and step by step instructions on acheiving the perfect shave, including pre-shave, shave and post-shave instructions.  It gives detailed instructions on the perfect shave, as well as recommendations of what products to use at each step of the process.

Skin Care Products

TwinLuxe sent me a variety of men’s skin care products to review, the Instant Energy Mist, Daily Detox Face Wash and Mask and the Booster Serum.  The Instant Energy Mist a light-weight mist made to refresh and moisturize skin.  Ideal for use immediately after shaving  and before moisturizing for best results.  The Instant Energy Mist is perfect for anytime of the day to awaken dull, tired skin.  This will be great for my husband to throw in his gym back to use after his workouts for a quick refreshing “shower” for his face.  The Instant Energy Mist is 4oz and retails for $26.00.  The Daily Detox Face Wash and Mask is a 2-in-1 daily facial cleanser.  It can be used as a bacteria fighting daily facial wash or as a detoxifying mask as a pre-shave ritual.  The Daily Detox Face Wash and Mask deep cleans pores while nourishing and soothing the skin.  The Face Wash and Mask is 5 oz and retails for $38.00.  Finally the Booster Serum can be used pre-shave, post-shave or anytime in between.  Using the Booster Serum pre-shave, helps create a protective barrier for skin against the blade of the razor.  Post-shave, the Booster Serum helps soothe shaving irritation.  It is also great as an overnight repair formula to help target problem spots.  The Booster Serum 1.67oz and retails for $76.00.  My husband really enjoyed the Daily Detox Face Wash and Mask.  What he liked best was that the Face Wash felt light on his skin and washed off easily leaving no residue.  He also enjoyed the clean fresh scent.

Founded by twin brothers, Anthony and Hubert Tsai, TwinLuxe is all about providing individualized, high quality skin care products that help you acheive a “barbershop experience” at home on a daily basis.  Their Asian backgrounds paired with their fast-paced Wall Street careers has helped them create a successful skincare empire.  The TwinLuxe ‘Fine Shaving Instruments’ were designed by world famous designer, Marek Djordjevic, best known for his design work on the Rolls-Royce family of cars.  Each shaving set is hand assembled and inspected to the highest level, guaranteeing a perfect product.

TwinLuxe is a sponsor of the Father’s Day Event from June 10th to June 18th. Make sure you Like them on Facebook, Twitter,  and check out their website to win the Instant Energy Mist, Daily Detox Face Wash and Mask and Booster Serum as part of the final package!

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