In answer to my sister post: THE CHROME EXTENSIONS I USE DAILY TO HELP YOU, I have returned to FireFox to find you the comparable programs on Firefox; and while doing so, I discovered a few I like better on FireFox. See, I am open to suggestions and change! Now, I will do my Stumbles and Alexa list chores on Firefox while using chrome for my day to day browsing! I love have two monitors (just a lap top and the left over monitor from when my desk top bit the dust–but it sounds cool right?)

  • Alexa Toolbar Extension for Firefox – This means every time I visit your blog it counts towards a visit and helps to lower your Alexa score. You can read more about why you should lower your Alexa score and how it can help you here: INSTALLING THE ALEXA TOOL BAR WILL HELP YOU RECEIVE BETTER REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS
  • Stumble Upon Toolbar for Firefox–  The cool thing about using this toolbar on Firefox is that you have the option to Stumble to your Profile with pictures by right clicking any picture and opting to Photo Stumble. Stumble Upon has become of great interest to me and is quickly becoming a growing traffic resource for my blog. I help you out by using my Stumble Upon toolbar when I see a post I like of yours.  Even if you do not have the Stumble Upon button, I can still “Like” your post submitting it to Stumble Upon and bringing you a share of the traffic pie. You can find out more on Stumble Upon: HOW TO STUMBLE CORRECTLY WITH PICTURES and STUMBLE UPON SUCCESS TACTICS
  • Digg Extension for FireFox– Yet another great site to submit I use to submit your techy posts to. Again, it is on my toolbar, so you don’t need to have the share button for me to submit to Digg. HOW TO DIGG TUTORIAL WITH PICTURES
  • +1 Extension for Firefox– Yep another extension to enable me to share your quality posts with the world (or at least the ones who have internet access)!
  • And the best one yet!! LINKY that WORKS! this allows you to open multiple sites at the same time as little or as many as you want!



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