Having Problems Conceiving

At 38-years-old having problems conceiving is not unheard of. It is the time when a woman starts to run out of her ovarian eggs and her supply may have dwindled or depleted. It is often a touchy subject for a woman because for many women bearing children is the natural thing every woman should do. (I am not saying all do–it is just natural to want to, and when you can’t or have problems doing so, it is often hurtful and touchy) Many women, like myself, had no idea where to go or what to believe when it came to see if the problem was with me. No one really wants to go to the doctor to be told your ovarian egg store is gone or that it is severely depleted and to start seeking fertility drugs or surrogates. No one also does not want to be told that you are past the age of bearing children by silly doctors or others who will frown upon your life’s choices.

When Noah and I decided we wanted to have another baby, I was told I was too old. That I would be lucky if I could still have a baby and that there was a higher risk of my eggs being damaged. Would I even still be fertile? When I had Jakobi and Mason, the doctors gave me such grief over being old with them, the last thing I wanted to do was test my fertility while listening to nay-sayers.  Good thing there is an alternative, reliable option.

First Response Fertility Test for Woman

The First Response Fertility test for women is administered the third day after you start your period with your first morning pee, and we all know from my recent post that would be yesterday! Is is an accurate, in-home test of FSH levels to assess the quality and quantity of the ovarian eggs you have left. Your FSH level is the leading single indication that you can or cannot get pregnant. FSH is Follicle Stimulating Hormone which is one the the hormones that helps to regulate your menstrual cycle. It controls how many eggs and when your eggs are matured. Did you know a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever get. So, when you run out they are gone. When this happens your body will will produce a higher than normal FSH levels to overstimulate your ovaries into producing an egg meaning if you are less likeley to become pregnant due to fertility issues, your FSH level will read high on the test. Knowing your FSH on the 3rd day can be helpful in knowing how fertile you are gauging with over 95% accuracy. You can find usage instructions here. It was comforting to find out my results in my own home to be read by myself.

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