Five Cool Things You Can Do With Coffee Grounds

I have been a coffee fanatic for years and I cannot get my day started without my coffee. The kids know not to talk to me until I have had at least one cup! For me, I have learned not to answer any important questions or sign forms until I have had that coffee. I have signed a permission slip or two without my eyes full opened and I will not do that again! I am trying to be more eco-friendly and environmentally conscience around the house. I have been working on what I can reuse and recycle and a friend suggested I include things you can do with coffee grounds since I drink so much of it. What a great way to combine the two!

5 Things To Do With Coffee Grounds

5 Things To Do With Coffee Grounds

  1. Plant Food: Many plants like roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, and hydrangeas love a cup of coffee! Take your used grounds and add them to your watering can. Water your plants and see them grow!
  2. Snail Be Gone: If you have a garden, you know how damaging snails can be to your flowers and vegetables. Scatter your used coffee grounds and the snails will disappear.
  3. Carrots Love Coffee: If you are planting carrots, add some dry coffee grounds with their seeds. The carrots will thrive and the pests will stay away.
  4. Revive Your Hair Color: If you are a natural brunette or darker redhead, your color will brighten up with coffee! Just take those used coffee grounds and steep them in 2-3 cups of hot water. Let cool and rinse your hair. If you color your hair, you will extend the life of your color or brighten your tones.
  5. Instant Face Lift: Add 1/4 cup of your used coffee grounds with one egg white and apply to your face. Allow to dry, rinse and you will have tighter and bright skin instantly!

Coffee Fanatic

As I said, I love my coffee and I am a bit of a snob when it comes to what I drink. It is one of the few things I will pay a bit extra for to get something I really enjoy. I especially like a coffee with a smooth and full bodied flavor to get my day started. I am also really busy and if I can find a way to make my life easier, I am all for it. When I was approached by Samir Balwani about his online selection of coffee from Cafe Fanatic, it sounded perfect for me. With Cafe Fanatic, you get to enjoy top notch coffee without ever leaving your house!  Cafe Fanatic works with a number of phenomenal coffee roasters who are artisans in their craft and the end result is an amazing cup of coffee.  They provide coffees from such exotic locations as Honduras, Ethiopia and El Salvador and coffees are available in light, medium and dark roasts.

When you visit the Cafe Fanatic website, you will take a short survey to determine the type of coffee blends which would be right for you. After you take the survey, you will get a list of recommended coffees or you can branch out on your own and choose a coffee. For my first shipment of ground coffee, I chose the House Blend from Latin America as roasted by Verve Roasters. The coffee sells for $14 per 12 ounce bag and with its rich chocolate undertones and smooth taste, it has become something I look forward to each day. The prices range from $13 to $23 and you can choose from whole beans or ground coffee which are shipped in resealable bags and shipping is always just $5. One USA reader will receive a $50 store credit to Cafe Fanatic.

What can you use your coffee grounds for?


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