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Five Creative Uses For Blankets

When my sister and I were little, we used to love playing indoors on rainy afternoons. We loved scrounging through the kitchen or basement looking for cool stuff to play with. When my older brothers were at home, we would have wars that included using metal strainers for helmets and mixing spoons as swords. Mom had a pair of mohair gloves and a matching scarf that she loved to wear when it was cold. My sister and I would turn the gloves into monster feet and the scarf became monster hair. We also could take an ordinary blanket and turn it into a ton of different things.  Here are the top five unique ways we used our blankets:

Five  Creative Uses For Blankets

  1. Travel: We had a long staircase that connected the first and second floors in our house. We would sit on a blanket and pull it over our feet and legs and slide down the stairs. Saved us a lot of time from walking down, right?!
  2. Forts: We had 8 people in our family, so we had a huge dining room table that could seat 12 comfortably. We would gather up everyone’s blankets off their beds and make a fort with the dining room table.
  3. Catapult: If we could talk an older sibling or neighbor to help, we would put one person in the blanket and then the other two would hold the blanket at either end. They would then swing the blanket back and forth and on the count of 5, they would launch the person inside the blanket. Crazy that we never broke any bones on that one!
  4. Super Hero: Have you got a throw that is too small to cover you up and keep you warm? Don’t throw it away! Tie it around your neck, jump on your bike and let your cape fly in the wind. This way everyone on the block knows you are a super hero and are available to save them.
  5. Cat Transportation: As we were very thoughtful children, we helped our cat conserve energy by carrying her around in a blanket. We were sure she squirmed around is because she was so excited!


  1. Ha ha ha!! I did all of these as a kid. My kids have covered s all except the cat transportation.

  2. I love the cat one. I was the only one out of 5 that was nice to the cats, Dad hated them. Did I mention the other 4 were brothers and they like to see if it was true that cats always landed on their feet. I hated them for that, but compared to now, that was nothing, great article.

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