I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. Recently, when my daughter moved to college and into her dorm room, it was a very big change for us all. My little girl was growing up and going away. I know she had concerns about being on her own. I had always made her breakfast first thing in the morning. I woke her up because half the time she did not do on her own. I even had her clothes clean and neatly folded or hanging up so she could easily grab and go. Can you say spoiled? She was leaving the comforts of home and entering a new world without me. As she was packing all I could think was, “Oh my! She has way too much stuff and may not have enough space.” Of course she said she needed everything: stuffed animals, toaster, a mini fridge, desks, computers and a coffee maker, not to mention all her clothes and bedding with personal affects. I know that bringing home into your new space creates some comfort when needed so we had to save space in other areas. There are certain things every dorm room needs!

5 Must Haves for every Dorm

Five Dorm Room Essentials (To Keep Your Daughter Happy)

  1. Personal Coffee Pot: You saw she had a problem getting up n the morning right? Of course she need s coffee pot! Dorm rooms do not have a lot of space, so you need to utilize it wisely. You can use mini systems for most kitchen appliances to save a lot of room. This way they can add more essentials to their room. She was elated with the gift I gave her for her new dorm room. I got the Keurig MINI plus brewer for her as a going away gift. The Keurig MINI plus is the perfect size for her room, and it makes delicious coffee, cocoa and tea. You can choose from over 250 varieties to get your perfect cup, You can even match the dorm decor with over 11 colors to choose from.Ready For School
  2. Personal Computer: All students should have their own computer. It is very important for them to be able to keep up with their class assignments, to research for reports and stay in touch with the family at home.
  3. Wake Up: Don’t forget your alarm clock. Getting up on time for class is a must. It really helps if you do not feel rushed and scattered. I want my daughter to greet the day with full steam.
  4. Staple Clothes: There is not a lot of room in a dorm closet. You need to make sure you pack smart. Pack your basic essentials, a staple, so you can mix and match to get a variety of outfits. Laundry isn’t cheap ya know, so the less you pack the better. If you can try to bring just  enough to make it from week to week until the next laundry day.
  5. Sleep Comfortably: You need all the rest you can get! The best way to do this is bring along the comforts of home. Your favorite pillow and blanket are sure to help you sleep better at night.

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