Eco Friendly Fashion Accessories

I have recently become completely enamored with all things eco friendly. For the past few years, I have been interested in living a more green life, but the more I learn about it, the more interested in it I become. I think part of this comes with my getting older and becoming more worried about our planet. I have been thinking about what kind of place my kids are going to be living in when they are my age. What will be left for them if we continue to go stomping all over out planet and turning our back on it? Because I am also a huge fashion accessory nut, I have begun collected eco friendly fashion accessories. I have just a small pile of baubles now, but I hope to grow it a lot in the coming years. Here are a few ideas for you if you want to dress more green:

5 Eco Friendly Accessories  For Women pin

5 Eco Friendly Accessories For Women

  1. Organic Cotton: We have been buying organic cotton clothing for about a year now. One of our favorite accessories to collect are organic cotton scarves.
  2. Recycled Jewelry: I have gained a pretty impressive collection of recycled jewlery. Among my favorite pieces are my recycled bullets which I have bracelets, earrings and rings.
  3. Hemp Jewelry: I have loved hemp for a long time and one of my favorite items we have are hemp friendship bracelets and matching necklaces. The set we love the most were made by schoolchildren in Sudan who are building a school.
  4. Gum Wrappers: When I was little, I made gum wrapper necklaces and gave them to my mom and dad. Who knew they would be such a popular item to make jewelry with now that I am 40 years older?! Caitlin has a coin purse made from candy and gum wrappers and she just loves it.
  5. Wooden Jewelry: I am totally obsessed with wooden jewelry lately. I had no idea how breathtakingly gorgeous wooden jewelry could be until I saw the treasures from Pono Woodworks.

pono bracelet

I was looking for eco friendly fashion accessories online and I came across Pono Woodworks. Brett Gontarek is a remodeling carpenter by day who lives in Hawaii. He found he wanted to do something that would be good for our planet which would be based on his creativeness. He loves to work with exotic wood, and the woods in Hawaii are just glorious. Pono basically means to do what is morally right and to live in harmony with your surroundings. It also means to be aware of your impact on your community as well as the world. By working with fallen wood, they are preserving those living trees which beautify the Hawaiian islands. I was sent the Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlay Bangle Bracelet, which sells for $85 on the Pono Woodworks website. The Koa tree has been used to make such traditional Hawaiian items like the ancient Hawaiian outrigger canoes, surfboards and ukuleles. The wood can be found on palace walls and is one of the most costly woods in the world.

The word Koa means warrior and it has come to stand for strength, fearlessness, bravery and bold action. It reminds me of how we should act when it comes to protecting ourselves, our families and our planet. The bangle is made of the finest titanium and the curly Koa comes in beautiful hues of light and dark browns, reds, and golds. I have honestly never seen anything like it and I am so thrilled and honored to own one for myself. I wanted to photograph my bracelet in a natural setting because it just made sense. I photographed it at our local University, where they have a huge garden which is open to the public. You can also find rings, sunglasses, watches, pendants, tablet cases and more from Pono Woodworks. To stay current with what Pono has going on, please follow them on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. One USA reader will win a Koa Wood Inlay Bangle Bracelet ARV $85.

What is your favorite eco friendly fashion accessory?


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