Furnishing your bedroom with colours and fashionable furniture is not enough. The right wardrobe style adds essence to the whole decoration. So, it is important to choose the proper wardrobe for your room to have a pleasant outlook.

A few things to be remembered while buying your wardrobe:

  • Taking complete measurement of its height and width.
  • Deciding how many drawers, layers of shelves are you looking for.
  •  The door pattern; whether you want it to have a sliding door or not.
  • How spacious is your room and how much of it you want to occupy with the wardrobe.

However, let’s look into different types of designs that are quite in trend-

  1. Multi-panel Sliding Door: As described in the name, it has multiple panels which means that instead of just one panel of the door, it has 2-3 numbers of panels. So that it gets easier to open or close a specific part without having to open it all. The doors run on tracks. And you have a lot of customization option inside. Inside it includes drawers and open spaces as well.
  • Monal: It is a 6 door wardrobe. It has a number of square shaped handles. All the shelves are serially arranged and each one has a pull out drawer with it. Moreover, there is an individual hanger space. You can also fit it in as an alternative for a dressing table mirror. This is an amazing design with elegant look and it is also budget friendly.
  • L- Shaped wardrobe: This is one of the very popular designs nowadays. If you are running short of space, then this is a perfect fit for your needs. It comes with sliding doors. And it is usually placed at the corner side of your room. It usually comes with safety lockers. Apart from space efficiency it also offers great classic look to your room.
  • Opti-panel Glass wardrobe: If you have affinity towards antiquity and yet want it to have a little modern touch, opti-panel wardrobe suits perfect for your need. It is antique shaped with frosted glass effect doors. It covers all the contents inside. Also the shelf partitions keep all your things neat and well-organized. It is a classic choice modern wardrobe designs for your bedroom.
  • Vintage Wardrobe: Vintage is the new trend in the realm of room decor. This kind of wardrobe is preferably large at size and comes with a number of shelves and hangers. Also the mild and faded shades and colour in contrast with your room colour brings out the elegance of the place at once.

So, some of the trendy designs have been put forward for you. Choose from the array of designs wisely because the completion of a room depends on the type of wardrobe, the most essential part in it. Choose wisely and freely as it is your decision that can make or break your long-planned decoration.