Five Fun Family Easter Traditions #HoneyBakedEaster

It is hard to believe spring is already here and Easter is around the corner! Easter is a holiday with great meaning and many families celebrate it with much joy! While some families have traditions they have enjoyed for years, there are families who may be just getting started with theirs. In my house, we decorated and hid eggs and the Easter bunny would leave behind fantastic Easter baskets for us to enjoy. It was always fun to see what treasures were hidden in our baskets underneath that pretend grass! No matter if you have traditions handed down for generations or need new ideas, here are just a few fun family traditions to explore!

5 Fun Family Easter Traditions To Enjoy

5 Fun Family Easter Traditions To Enjoy

  1. Make A Bunny Cake: I love to be in the kitchen, and how fun would it be to surprise the kids with a bunny cake?
  2. Decorate An Easter Egg Tree: Take a trip to the craft store and pick up some foam or plastic eggs and decorations and let the kids get creative! When you are done, attach a ribbon to the eggs and hang them from trees outside or even a ficus tree inside the house!
  3. Skip The Candy: Instead of filling a basket with lots of candy, choose non-food items. Choose a theme like Disney, Mario, Princess or Sports and fill the basket with stickers, crayons and coloring or activity books, a DVD, tickets to a game or anything that would be a good fit.
  4. “Egg” Someone: No, I do not mean throw raw eggs at someone! Make a handmade Easter egg gift, card or treat and leave it on a friend, family member, or neighbors porch or a co-workers desk. Leave a note explaining they have been “egged”!
  5. Gather Round The Table: Easter just does not seem to be complete without a big family meal! Invite your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else who would love a great meal! This year, instead of being tied to the kitchen all day on Easter, why not let HoneyBaked Ham do all the work?


I love to cook, but I hate to miss out on a big family celebration because I am in the kitchen all day. What a wonderful gift to give yourself as well as your guests by serving a complete meal from HoneyBaked Ham! Many people are familiar with the delicious and mouthwatering tender hams with the signature crunchy and sweet glaze. What you may not know is you can also get flavorful turkey breasts, beef wellington, prime rib, and more! Your entree comes fully cooked and many are available in several sizes to suit your needs.

To make your meal complete, you can choose from over 20 sides dishes and desserts. You can compliment your meal with such dishes like Potatoes Au Gratin, Broccoli Rice Casserole or Sweet Potato Souffle. End your meal and satisfy your sweet tooth with such yummy desserts as Peach Pound Cake, brownies and cookies, or how cute would it be to serve a Carrot Cake to celebrate Easter?! Whether you are serving an intimate meal for 4 or a large gathering of 20 or more, HoneyBaked Ham will give you a homemade meal you and your guests will love! You can order online or stop in to your local HoneyBaked store, which can be found through their store locator. One USA reader will win a $50 HoneyBaked Ham GC.Then check out the rest of the blog giveaways in the Blog Pop Spring Fling!

What is your favorite family Easter tradition?


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