Five Fun Ways To Celebrate Ditch New Year's Resolution Day

With the new year coming in after a few months of overindulging, it is not surprising we want to make amends. In order to “make up” for the excess of eating, spending, partying, and all around giving in to all those whims, we make resolutions. I guess it is our way of trying to make amends for all the over doing it we did in the previous months! Among the top resolutions made each year, exercising, getting financially secure, getting a new/better job, stopping smoking and losing weight, are at the top. In celebration of “Ditch New’s Year’s Resolution Day”, I thought I would come up with some fun ways to thumb our noses at our resolutions, even if for just one day! I know the picture of those yummy Million Dollar Cookies from Sister’s Gourmet are tempting you to ditch at least one!

5 Ideas To Celebrate Ditch New Year's Resolution Day

5 Ideas To Celebrate Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day

  1. Exercise: Are you one who vowed to go from couch potato to training for and running a 5 K or a marathon this year? Instead, watch a marathon of television of one of the series you have been meaning to. On my list were :The Walking Dead”, “Doctor Who” and “Sons of Anarchy”.
  2. Getting Financially Secure: Are you feeling the sting of spending just a bit too much money on gifts and festivities over the holidays? There is nothing wrong with tightening the money belt and sticking to your plan. But remember, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl! So, go out and treat yourself to something you wanted to receive as a gift and did not get. Maybe it was a day at the spa or a box or gourmet chocolates. Whatever it was, go a head and splurge a little!
  3. Getting A New/Better Job: Are you burned out on your current job or wanted to make more money and cannot get that raise? I do not blame you for making this resolution. If you got that new job or even better, if you are still looking, take yourself a hooky day! Tell the boss you ate bad sushi and spend the day flying a kit, riding a bike or going to the movies!
  4. Stop Smoking: Do not ditch this one! I was a smoker for a lot of years and there is no reason to ditch for even a minute after you have quit. If this is you, way to go and move on to the next ditch idea!
  5. Losing Weight: This is one of my resolutions every year and I am not at all opposed to ditching this one! If you have spent the last several days counting calories or points and are craving something decadent; go for it! Indulging in one sugary treat will not push you over the wagon. Studies show eating a small amount of what you are craving will actually help you stay on track. My cravings are always sweet, so I made a batch of the to-die-for Select Crisp & Colorful Million Dollar Cookies from Sister’s Gourmet. These double chocolaty, melt in your mouth cookies had me jumping for joy when I jumped off my weight loss wagon.

 Sisters Gourmet

As you can guess, Sister’s Gourmet is a company owned and operated by two sisters. The two got their inspiration from many days around the table eating their mom’s homemade cookies from scratch. They wanted to bring that same joy to others through their totally clever concept, which is basically heaven in a jar! Their delightfully delicious one bowl recipes are bringing families together to share a treat, a story and all around, spend more time together. You can choose from such wonderful cookie and brownie mixes are layered with all the ingredients you need and presented in the most adorable and unique packaging.

You will find such delights as the Premier Crisp & Colorful White Chocolate Cranberry, which sells for $15.99 or the Crisp & Colorful Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Oprah’s Favorites collection, which sells fro $13.99. Each mix has premium ingredients like who grain oats, rich chocolate chips and sun ripened cranberries. There are so many options to choose from, it will be difficult to make yo your mind! When you are visiting, be sure to look into the Daily Deals where you will find great prices on yummy in my tummy cookies!

Which of your New Year’s Resolutions are you going to ditch?


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