There are many unforgettable events we may experience during an event at church. Obviously, there are people involved who work very hard putting plans into motion. Having someone acknowledge their dedication by receiving a gift is always a great reminder of how the work they do becomes invaluable.

What is a better reminder of how much you enjoyed that particular event or the time taken by fellow church members other than a personalized gift?  A personalized gift is special because it shows how much you appreciate the people who dedicate their time to put it all together and make it all possible.

A variety of gift ideas for church members are listed below that can represent how grateful you are to those who are new and old members of the church.

1. Thank You Notes

Writing a thank you note can make someone feel like you truly cared about what they did for you, as well as, the fact that you remembered what they did for you.  Think about it. When someone writes you a thank you note for a gift you gave them or the time you took to pray with them, isn’t it nice to know that your actions or words did not go unnoticed? It’s the thought that counts- the thought in doing and the thought in noticing. framed photos

2. Framed Photos

A picture says a thousand words. A picture can also have incredible meaning.  When a fellow church member goes out of his or her way to frame a moment in time with you, having the ability to physically see it,  is something you can treasure forever.  Not only is the picture something that can be personal between the two of you, but the frame can also add to the gift. The frame can add a personal note by choosing the color or wording- some frames will be chosen by a favorite color of the person or the phrasing that surrounds it, such as, “Faith, Hope, and Joy”.  Whichever way you decide to go, giving a framed photo will speak gratitude in more ways than one. mugs

3. Mugs

Who doesn’t have a collection of mugs in which each one reminds them of significant moment in time? Additionally, who doesn’t need a mug? You can give a mug as a gift for any occasion. A mug can be the gift that keeps on giving. It may only be a mug, but if you look at, let’s say your coffee mugs,  I bet you can name why you bought or were given each and every single one you have. Whether you are buying a gift for a group or a particular member of your church, I bet more than not will appreciate receiving a mug as a token of gratefulness or as a reminder of a moment in time.

4. A Bracelet

A bracelet is also the kind of gift that could be given to a group of people from your church or individually.  As a group it could stand for something everyone believes in or are trying to bring awareness to a cause. A bracelet can also be a great gift for someone special. Maybe you saw it and it reminded you of somebody. A bracelet can be an extremely thoughtful gift and can touch the heart of the one who receives it. When given to a group of fellow church members, it can signify the dedication as a whole.

5. A Bookmark

Something as easy and small as a bookmark can show appreciation and thoughtfulness in a huge way. It is a great tool for looking back on a scripture that you want to remember to use in times of need or to help a fellow church member who is struggling. Whether you have the bookmark stamped with positive writings from the bible or a simple design, a fellow member or members will give thanks to the kind gesture.

From a simple thank you note to a personalized coffee mug, no matter what the gift, it is the kind gesture that counts. People feel good when they are told what they are doing matters. When given a gift as that sign of gratitude, that can really put the cherry on top!