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I always try to be incredibly witty when it comes to gifts. I like to put as much thought as possible into things to make sure the recipient knows that this special gift that they have just received really came from the heart. Father’s Day is no exception, except I find it almost impossible to find the perfect gift for him. My husband is the kind of man who splurges on himself often. If he wants it, he buys it. It doesn’t leave much room for surprises or special treats when the next gift giving occasion rises. I usually have a few go-to Father’s Day gift ideas that are relatively fail safe waiting on the back burner for that next manly holiday.

Father's Day Gift Ideas Collage

5 Go-To Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Food- What better way to a man’s heart, right? Since you can technically get food anywhere at any time, make this occasion special. Try out a new restaurant or sports bar. Better yet, try out the farm to table restaurant that you’ve been eyeing. There’s nothing like fresh veggies and a delicious grass fed beef hamburger! Whatever you decide, make it different and make it special.
  2. Concert or Event Tickets- Fortunately we live smack in the middle of Tampa and Miami. I am always scanning ticket sites to see who will be in town soon, or to see when our Miami Dolphins are playing their next home game. If you have a stadium, theater, or event venue nearby it may be worth checking out upcoming shows. Better yet, turn the night into a true date night using #1 above!
  3. Outdoor Accessories- Boys and their toys…and grills. They say that a man’s best friend is his dog, but we all know a very close second will always be his grill. As a woman, this is unable to be explained, almost like Bigfoot and crop circles. But, we do know that grills and their accessories make fantastic Father’s Day gifts year after year. I’ll make it a point to have a quick chat with my husband as he’s grilling. This past time he mentioned needing a new smoke stack for his smoker. You can bet that I got right on Google, figured out what a smoke stack was and ordered one!
  4. Man Cave Gear- I know that I can purchase almost anything with a University of Alabama logo and my husband will be happy. I try to keep a common theme. Barware, universal TV remote, fixtures for the room, wall decor. I like to find him things that can be put to use in his room, away from the rest of the house and my pretty decor. Bonus points for framing tickets from the sporting event that you attended together for his man cave wall!
  5. Technology- My guy is not a tech savvy man by any means, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t in to the latest and greatest tech toys. In fact, he is sort of an early adopter. He likes new headphones, new tablets and of course, having a new phone. I especially love new gadgets that I can use, too!

Being a deputy, my husband is definitely a guy’s guy. He likes anything rugged and adaptable, especially to his career. Immediately, the DROID Turbo by Motorola in Gray Ballistic Nylon was appealing to him. I mean, it has the word ballistic in its name! He considers himself “trendy” so the fact that the DROID Turbo comes in a blue accent color is the second selling point. It offers amazing speed and performance, sharp display,
exceptional battery life, the latest in innovative material design and distinct style. He can go two days without stopping to recharge or worrying about battery life thanks to the largest battery of any smartphone. Premium ballistic nylon, originally developed for military use, provides a durable, scratch-resistant, water-repellent design. Underneath woven materials, DROID Turbo by Motorola includes a layer of Kevlar, a material five times stronger
than metal. This is sounding better and better. Why wouldn’t he want a phone that matches his ballistic vest? I think I may be heading over to Verizon to pick him up a new phone this Father’s Day!

What are your go-to Father’s Day gift ideas?

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Motorola sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.