I am participating in the 31 days to build a blog. Today is day #2 Make a list post.

Five Quick Fixes For Your Blog

Many of us have recently made the switch from Blogger to WorpPress leaving us with many questions. These are a few of the “quick fix” tips I have learned. Click on any of the images to get a better view.

1. How to change font size. In Blogger it was easy, you just highlighted the text and then selected the font size. WordPress is a bit more technical. You can see on the picture below on the left hand side your text box, you can pick the formatting of your text




This is paragraph type.
This is address type.
This is Heading 1.
This is Heading 2.
This is Heading 3.




2. How to make text links in your widget area.

text link

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets

hyperlinked widget

3. How to make a hyperlink.


4. How to change the size of a button. Ever notice how everyone has a different size for a button. It can drive a person crazy if they are trying to make their blog look pretty and all fit in the alloted space. You can see fom my blog, I adjusted a few sizes. Here is an example of some items you can fix with this.

different sizessidebar space

button size

5.   How to change the “grab text box” under your button.

grab box

text box

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