Grand Cayman Island Home

The Cayman Islands is comprised of three islands in the Caribbean with the largest being the Grand Cayman Island. It is the perfect destination for the new or seasoned traveler offering something for everyone.  Grand Cayman Island has 50,000 residents and is about 76 square miles.Home to Pirates Week and a favorite port for cruise ships including the Caribbean Princess in the Princes Cruise fleet.

Grand Cayman Princess

The weather is a temperate 80 degrees most of the year.The beaches are always beautiful and the Caribbean culture and cuisine are worth the visit alone. There are several popular attractions such as the Cayman Islands National Museum, Rum Point, Pedro St. James, Bodden Town, the first capital of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Turtle Farm, the National’s Trusts Mastic Trail, Hell’s post office, Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach and the Stingray City and the Sandbar. While the attractions are enticing, the following are the reasons I chose to return to the Grand Cayman Island.

What to do in Grand Cayman

My Reasons For Taking A Grand Cayman Islands Vacation

  1. Ogling Real Estate: The homes on Grand Cayman Islands are simply stunning with breathtaking views most people only dream of. The gargantuan houses are located right at the edge of crystal clear,azure water overlooking the comings and goings of the boats and wildlife.Grand Cayman Island Boat Home
  2. The Plethora of Iguana: I live in Florida. You would not think this would amaze me so, however, it amazes many of the locals as well. One of our tour guides claimed in the United States, we have squirrels, while in the Cayman Islands, they have iguanas. I am not sure if he meant they steal your food at picnics, but I get the gist of the abundance! Just neat to watch these creatures sunning EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK.Grand Cayman Iguana
  3. The Relaxed Lifestyle: When you travel to a foreign land, whether they speak English or not, it is always nice to feel welcomed. I have been to many places where the locals snubbed their noses at you and looked at you with utter disdain for visiting their country. In Grand Cayman everyone was super nice. No matter who I was chatting with, the conversation was very chill and relaxed. The personalities of the island in the kitchen, the shops, the taxi drivers, and on the excursions all boasted of a happy life. How could you not love that?
  4. The Water: As an island, the water becomes of utmost importance. The water in Grand Cayman is the clearest water I have ever seen. It was about 20 to 30 feet to the bottom. You could see all the way down and watch the dance of the stingrays & fish.Grand Cayman Water
  5. The Weather: You cannot go wrong with breezy day in the 80’s especially if you travel from the North.

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