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Five Reasons To Get A Tablet #WindowsChampions

I’ve had an e-reader for a few years now so I never considered the need for a tablet. Once Aidan came into my crazy world, I quickly discovered that I would be needing to do a lot of my daily tasks on the go! While my e-reader had some basic features like a web browser and, well, books. I needed more! The tablet market is completely saturated and can be totally overwhelming. I finally decided on a Dell Venue 8 Pro 8″ Tablet.

Top 5 Reasons To Get A Tablet

  1. Windows 8 with App Store I am a Windows girl all the way. All of my computers run Windows 8, so it was only natural that I would select a Windows tablet. I love that I am able to transition from working on my desktop or laptop right to my tablet without missing a beat. The tablet feels just like a miniature version of my desktop, with very similar features.
  2. Work On The Go My work requires me to be connected all the time. With my Dell Venue 8 Pro I am able to take work with me to doctors visits, dinner or even grocery shopping. The smaller size of the tablet is perfect to throw in my purse or diaper bag, yet the 8″ screen is still large enough for me to be productive. The battery life is great, typically allowing 6-8 hours of use between charges.
  3. Music When You Want It I love to have my music with me at all times. I listen to a lot of internet radio like Pandora or iHeartRadio while I am working or on the go. Just recently I brought it with my to get dental work done because I just knew my phone battery wouldn’t sustain music streaming during the entire procedure. I sat with my headphones in, rocking out while I was in the seat! I can say that I felt much more at ease during that appointment than I ever have, and the battery wasn’t even close to giving out!
  4. Camera and Video Editing This is by far the best feature of the Dell Venue 8 Pro! I absolutely love the camera and video recording capabilities. The video recorder allows you to flip between front facing and rear facing, which is excellent for making videos for grandma and grandpa! I downloaded a great editing application from the app store and can cut and splice and create my own custom videos for work and play.
  5. Kids Love It! So this should have been my number reason. It keeps kids happy. Aidan asks me for my “book” whenever we are out to eat or in a public place, and I am happy to give it to him. He knows exactly how to work the tablet, including how to unlock it and where to find Netflix. He also loves to color using the Fresh Paint app, which he actually discovered on my desktop AIO computer. This tablet is the best “backup” plan for when we’ve run out of things to entertain him with!

Do you have a tablet? If so, what kind do you have?

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