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Many of us dream of, but feel an exotic getaway to a gorgeous location is far outside of our reach and definitely not our first choice for Family travel. We see these ads on television offering vacations to these fantastic and magical places where people are running on white beaches and are splashing in crystal blue waters. The commercials talk about these faraway lands where the local culture is rich and exciting adventures are within a few miles of your resort.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take An All-Inclusive Vacation

The number one reason we feel our dreams cannot come to fruition is because we think the costs to stay in an All-inclusive luxury resort are far outside of our means. With an all inclusive resort and spa, those wishes can become your reality. You may be pleasantly surprised to know how much you actually get at an affordable price when you stay at an all inclusive resort and spa. Here are a just a few reasons why you should take an all inclusive vacation where you can dig your toes in the white sand while your neighbors are buried under a mountain of snow!

5 Reasons An All Inclusive Vacation Is Right For You

5 Reasons An All Inclusive Vacation Is Right For You

  1. Your Kids Are Constantly Entertained: The phrase “I am bored mom, what can we do now?” is one of the last things you want to hear come out of your kids mouths while you are on vacation.  At an all inclusive Now resort, the staff have plenty of planned activities to keep your kids entertained. For example, the Now Jade Riviera Cancun offers a treasure hunt around the hotel, music trivia by the pool and American Idol type singing shows. Now Jade Riviera Cancun photo NowJadeRivieraCancun_zpsd20e58cb.jpg The resorts also have the Explorer’s Kids Club for kids ages 3-12 and the Core Zone Teens Club for older kids ages 13-17. The clubs offer supervised activities by a specially trained staff at no extra cost. The kids can play pool or video games, color, do arts and crafts or learn songs the local children sing. My family would love to see the locals perform in the very cool fire breathing show or take the free kayak tour along the pristine beaches. 
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  3. Access To Exclusive Beaches: When I am at the beach, I am not there just to get a suntan and the kids are totally not interested in that!  We like to play in the water and the sand so we are having fun and getting our tan on all at the same time! When you stay with the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun, you can enjoy beach activities like yoga, soccer and volleyball, scuba diving, movies, bungee jumping and plenty of water fun as well. Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun photo 7ce42b1b-fc16-4a25-87c8-63394013be64_zpsf7094a80.jpg Can you imagine how relaxing yoga on the beach would be, knowing your husband and kids are occupied nearby where they are playing a game of volleyball? Ah…so wonderful!activities2
  4. Your Vacation Planning Is Virtually Stress Free: We are an active family and when we are on vacation, we want to participate in as many activities as possible. It can be a huge headache trying to plan fun things for the family to do in an unfamiliar area via the internet or once you arrive at your destination. The last thing I want to do is try to plan a tour of a local monument while struggling to speak a language I am not fluent. With my luck, I would end up booking a tour up a steep mountain while riding an ornery mule that cost me an arm and a leg! Now Amber Puerto Vallarta photo NowAmberPuertoVallarta_zps5699eede.jpg With the Now Amber Puerto Vallarta resort, this all inclusive spot gives me access to a ton of fun and exciting activities right at my fingertips. You can participate in such activities as scuba diving, golf, para sailing, and age appropriate activities for the kids. For your time off site, the experienced staff can help you decide on the perfect places for you and your family to visit to make your day as memorable as possible. larimargolf
  5. You don’t Have To Worry About What You Are Spending On Food And Beverages: One area you can bust your budget on while on vacation are your meals and drinks. If you have a family of four staying for 5 days and you eat 3 meals a day and the average meal runs you $12, you will spend $720. This does not even include your drinks or tip for goodness sake! I like to have an adult beverage or two when I am on vacation and that can shoot your total bill up by another $80, if your average drink runs around $6-8 per drink. With the Unlimited-Luxury® style vacations from Now Resorts & Spas, you do not need to stress over how much your food and drinks will be. Each resort offers an average of seven gourmet, a la carte dining options, which range from Mexican, Italian, or French cuisine and more  They also offer premium alcoholic drinks which are included in your cost as well. Now you can order that tropical island drink with the little umbrella in it and enjoy!jaderivieradinig
  6. You Get So Much More Than You Pay For: When you book an Unlimited-Luxury® style vacation from Now Resorts & Spas, you will by far get your money’s worth. When you vacation at a hotel and you and your family want to participate in several activities, they are often priced separately. If you want to take a yoga class, a scuba lesson or ride on a Hobie, you would pay for each one of these and that will add up pretty fast. With an all inclusive resort, many of the activities offered are included in the price of your stay. I love knowing we can pick and choose what we want based on our interest levels and not by how cheap it will be. That is no fun! With the Now Resorts & Spas, you can test your skills in the batting cages, go rock climbing, have a family spa day or let the kids stay at the Explorer’s Club while you visit the on site casino. I mean heck, you have a little extra money from saving so much by booking the all inclusive package, so why not gamble a little!? You also have access to an experienced staff who can help you with your wedding plans, plan your next corporate getaway or suggest some fun group activities for your next family
  7. Location Location Location: You know what they say, “It is all about the location!” The Now Larimar Punta Cana is located in the gorgeous Dominican Republic. You can stay on site and enjoy the many activities offered at the resort or you can venture into the neighboring towns.  Now Larimar Punta Cana photo NowLarimarPuntaCana_zpsfb02914b.jpg The Dominican Republic is known for their rich culture as well as a gorgeous landscape just ready for you to enjoy and explore. With all the money you are saving, you can shop the local markets for jewelry, crafts and art from the talented  local artisans. I absolutely love unique and handmade jewelry and I would be all over buying some new pieces from Punta Cana to add to my collection! You can also visit local monuments, old churches, The National Palace, or the beautiful Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and so much more.laguna-2 (1)

I honestly did not know the Now Resorts & Spas Unlimited-Luxury® package offered so much. Each of the resorts are located within close proximity to the local airport with plenty of affordable flight options year round. There are luxury rooms available for a single or couple as well as a family, offering 2 double or king size beds. You have 24 room service, fully stocked mini bars, furnished terraces and so much more. I would love to stay in one of their contemporary styles rooms while I hear the ocean outside and sleep under a fan, which is circulating the cool air around me! The resorts have won many awards including the  AAA Four Diamond award and the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. You can book your next Unlimited-Luxury® island getaway at one of the 4 Now Resorts & Spas by calling 1-877-NOW-9953 or by visiting Now Resorts & Spas.

So tell me, which all-inclusive vacation spot would you choose for me to go on? I have 3 boys: 3, 6, 21, and 43 (we know they are all just big kids!), I live in Florida, and we love the beach. If I get the most interactions, I will win that trip! So tell me where to go! Share for me to ask your friends!

Here is the exciting part! One of my readers who participates in the promotion (leave comment, share on Twitter, Facebook, etc) will win the same all-inclusive vacation too!!! I am leaning toward Punta Cana, but I can be swayed!

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  1. Youre totally right! I did all inclusive a few years back. best vacation ever! so nice not having to stress about stretching money all week long!

  2. I like that you don’t have to worry about what you are spending on food and beverages when you go with an all-inclusive resort. I would love to visit any of these destinations.

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