Five Steps For Sunburn Relief At Home

I do not know about your kids, but mine are enjoying the warmer weather. I love that my kids have as much fun playing outside as they do hanging out inside. To be honest, most of my family tend to be overweight, so to see the kids outside and being active makes me happy. In order to keep the kids busy and keep me sane, I am slowly building a bit of a backyard playground. I want the kids to be able to have several things to choose from to play with while they are outside. The downside of spending so much time outside is that my kids tend to burn pretty easily. My husband can go outside for one day and wake up with a tan. Me on the other hand will get a bad burn and spend 3 days suffering in bed. Thankfully, the kids are more like Chris than like me, but they both have had their share of burns. I have found a method that is five steps for sunburn relief at home that works like a charm. Here they are:

  1. Ibuprofen:Many people do not think to treat the pain from sunburn with a pain relief method like ibuprofen or aspirin. Not only does this lessen the pain, but it also helps keep the inflammation down.
  2. Cool Bath: Soak in a cool bath or stand under a very gentle shower for 15-20 minutes. The cool water will lessen the irritation of the skin as well as take away the discomfort. Be sure NOT to use any soap or body wash as they tend to make the skin tighten.
  3. Cool Compresses: If you do not want to jump in and out of a bath or shower, you can use cool compresses. Use a washcloth and soak it in cool water and ring out the excess water. Apply to the burned areas and re-soak as often as necessary.
  4. Cortisone Cream: To reduce the swelling and inflammation, apply topical cortisone cream to the affected areas.
  5. Cooling Gel or Lotion:In addition to the cortisone, you should apply a cooling gel or lotion as often as needed for pain relief. You can use an aloe plant if you like or you can use an over the counter product that has aloe or tea in it. I like using the skin care products from Repechage because they have an extensive line of body care products, including a great soothing gel for sunburn.

Sunburn Relief At Home

I think there is nothing more pitiful then to see a child with a sunburn. It is something that does not have a speedy path to recovery therefore the kids are suffering for a few days. My oldest got sun poisoning so badly that she almost was taken to the hospital. That is when I was told about the 5 steps to relieve her sunburn pain and it really did work. I know many people use aloe for their sunburns, but I prefer the Sun Smart Hydra Soleil from Repechage. This gel is the most effective products I have used for sunburn relief. It goes on smoothly and is not sticky like a lot of gels on the market and it has a nice fresh scent. You know how dry and irritated your skin gets after the sunburn heals and you are about to peel? The Sea Spa Massage, Bath and Body Oil is ah-mazing for dry skin. I put a small amount in my bath water and soaked for 15 minutes and when I got out, my skin was so hydrated! I absolutely love this product!

Repechage has been providing spas around the world with their fantastic products since 1980, The company has broken ground with their research with seaweed based products. Seaweed has rich vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids that condition the skin like no other combination of ingredients. The extensive line of products for the body, skin and hair are formulated to rejuvenate, nourish, hydrate, rebalance and purify. You can purchase the Repechage products from their website, including the Sun Smart Hydra Soleil which sells for $38.00 and the Sea Spa Massage, Bath and Body Oil which sells for $27.00.