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Five Steps To Create A Zen Space For Your Patio

One of my favorite things to do when the weather is warm is sit outside and watch the kids play. There is such unguarded joy on a child’s face that it fills my heart with so much love. You can’t help but smile and appreciate life a bit more when you see your kids running and laughing with each other. We have a pretty nice deck that overlooks our yard, but it isn’t what you would call a “zen” space. I wanted to create a space that would be relaxing and pretty that I could enjoy while I am outside. I wasn’t exactly sure how to create the space, so I looked it up and here are some really easy changes you can make for your tranquil area:

  1. The Right Spot: The first thing you need to do is choose the spot you want to create your area. This can be a patio, deck or a shady spot under a tree. If you are going to build an area in the yard, you will need to do some work first. You will need to get some railroad ties or another like item to mark off the area and fill it with sand, stones or gravel.
  2. Foliage: Nothing says zen like some beautiful full and green plants. Add some pretty flowers or even a trellis with some gorgeous roses climbing up the side.
  3. Seating: There are so many options for seating in your area including big pillows, a bench or a comfortable chair. For my area, I am planning on putting a rocking chair with a colorful cushion.
  4. Lighting: In order to enjoy your space in the evening, you should consider adding some lighting. There are some really cool outdoor lighting options that would fit any area and budget. I especially like the glowing sphere lights you can spread around your garden.
  5. Water: No zen space is complete without water and your local home improvement store can help you here. My brother and his wife had a small pond built that they put a few koi fish in. This was absolutely beautiful and so serene. For my space, I did not want to go to those lengths, so I decided a nice fountain would be perfect. In my opinion, the company that offers that widest selection of fountains and other wonderful products for inside and outside the home is Serenity Health.

Create A Zen Space For Your Patio

I have wanted a fountain for a long time but I never got around to getting one. When I was offered the gorgeous Mosaic Terracotta Cascade Solar Fountain from Serenity Health, I was so excited! I felt like a kid at Christmas that got the one present they had hoped for all year! If you want to create a zen space for your patio, this is an easy to set up addition to your area. With it being a solor fountain, you do need the panel to be in direct sun light, but for indoor use, you can order a separate AC adapter. The pump works really well and makes no noise to disturb the quiet vibe you are trying to achieve. The inlaid mosaic tiles add a look of elegance that goes pefectly with the babble of the water as it goes from one terracotta bowl to the next. The only thing I did not get but plan to, is some nice stones to put in the bottom bowl to cover the pump as otherwise you can plainly see it in the water. I absolutely love this fountain and we have been enjoying it since we put it together. Serenity Health & Home Decor has been selling high quality products since 1998. Including a vast selection of fountains for in and out of the home, you can find such beautiful items like fire pits, wind chimes, spinners, hammocks and many others. In 2008 and 2009, Serenity Health opened  2 new websites: Water Fountain Place and Premiere Fire Pits. For a complete listing of Serenity Health’s online stores, you can go to GL Stores, where you can find additional items like game tables and pet beds.

One reader will win the Mosaic Terracotta Cascade Solar Fountain ($129.95)




  1. There are too many to choose from, but one of my favorites is the Outdoor Classics Cosmic Fire Pit.

  2. I’ve wanted one of these for a very long time, Outdoor Classics American Wishing Well Outdoor Fountain.

  3. I really like the Outdoor Classics White Monroe Cascade Solar On Demand Fountain, it’s my favorite product!

  4. I like the Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Bed, but I would use it for the cat I will be getting soon

  5. I thought that I would like a wall fountain ….and I would! I then viewed all their wall fountains AND saw the prices. Not for the fainthearted and if I got one it would be the most expensive piece in the room.

  6. I love attracting birds to our yard, so the Cedar Fly-Thru Bird Feeder with Natural Cedar Roof would be a nice addition.

  7. The Outdoor Classics Northland Grill Fire Pit would have to be one of my favorite items, they have so many great products.

  8. Wow, I just got a look at the “Dawn Simulator” alarm clock! What a great idea, instead of waking up to the radio blaring!

  9. I didn’t know it before I saw it – but I love the solar fountain. It’s perfect as I turn an unused neglected backyard into my very own secret garden

  10. I think the water all fountain would be the greatest then to have in someone yards .it helps the birds and makes you relax while you watch it flow

  11. My favourite Product would have to be the: Butterfly Gazing Ball Wind Spinner.
    Was hard though, a lot of those products are amazing.

  12. i would love to have that Outdoor Classics Northland Grill Fire Pit. it would work great for roasting weenies and marshmallows on with my grand kids.

  13. Wow, lik a kid in a candy store- The wall funtains, the fire pits, the tiered fountains, and the solar fountains

  14. I really like the Reflection Tabletop Fountain with LED Light, really unique, would look great in my dining room on a table I have tucked in the corner

  15. I like the mosaic terracotta cascade solar fountain. Thank You for the contest opportunity

  16. They are all great. I especially love the 34″ Rock Waterfall Fountain w/ LED Lights.

  17. I like the Brown and Green Ceramic Bird Bath and the Hanging Acrylic Bird Bath – which might be better for my boyz so they don’t break it while playing basketball.

  18. Besides the fountains, I like the small Outdoor Classics Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit. I have wanted a fire pit for a long time and they have a lot of nice selections.

  19. Love the Solar Ponds, & the Fountain in this giveaway – I just think it’s amazing!!! Thanks for the chance….

  20. lol, every since I was a kid I loved gazing globes so I would have to say the Mosaic Gazing Globe in Purple!

  21. I really like the cascading water fountain in Green Ceramic. That would look really nice on my patio. 🙂

  22. I really like the
    Lovers Umbrella Solar On Demand Fountain with LED Light.
    Adorable, it’s a fountain and it lights up! Very cool!

  23. Garden Outdoor Fountains ANY would be a dream come true ..then i can build alittle garden
    of memories of mu Hubby i lost on November and my brother an mom same time I just havent been the same so sorry i have not been around more . all i do is sleep. I think i am dreaming still
    gl all

  24. I especially love the indoor floor fountains (A LOT OF THEM not just one lol) The indoor floor fountain with Led modern “fireplace” is really cool too! That’d be so amazing in our apt!

  25. I love this fountain that you’re giving away, but I’d love it even more in decorative green ceramic. Beautiful!

  26. I LOVE this fountain, this one being offered to WIN! I also LOVE the wild birds and we have OH so many of them. They readily use the standard bird bath- I have learned the birds ADORE moving water moreso. I have dreamed of getting a fountain like this for a long time now…
    I would LOVE LOVE the Mulit tier Rock outdoor fountain, too. Oh how nice these fountains are.

  27. Golden Oak Wall Fountain, was my first and only choice–but then I saw the $$$$!!
    Yikes hope I win powerball.

  28. I really liked the artistic fire pits, but they were $1600. Sooooo, I like the Outdoor Classics Fairy Shell Outdoor Fountain.

  29. Like you I have wanted a fountain for quite while. Maybe this is the year. 🙂

    I also like the Verona Solar Outdoor Wall Fountain

  30. I am completely in awww of their wall fountains like Inspiration Falls Glass Reflections Wall Fountain

  31. I LOVE the Portsmouth two-tier ‘solar on demand’ fountain. Takes me back to the UK – home. I have been trying to create a zen space in a corner of my back yard/garden, a lawn swing under the trees, multi variety hosta plantings, wind chimes, would like ferns but can’t get them to grow there. The fountain would be a great addition and would help me complete my dream space, without the cost of hydro to power a fountain. Thank you so very much for the chance.

  32. We practically live outside in the summer, so the Outdoor Classics Bronze Crossweave Firebowl Fire Pit would be a product we’d definitely enjoy.

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