Five Steps To Organize Your Bedroom

When we moved, we downsized from a 1,500 square foot condo to a 1,000 square foot house. Now I have a teeny, tiny house and with that comes some pros and cons. A small house is easy to clean but storage can be tricky. We purged as much as we could, but we still had way more stuff than we had room for. It was a nightmare trying to cram all of our belongings into a much smaller space! One of the last places to organize has been my bedroom because I first wanted to work on the areas people saw when they came over. Once I was ready to get my bedroom more clutter free, it was time to find steps to organize your bedroom.

5 Ways To Organize Your Bedroom

5 Ways To Organize Your Bedroom

  1. Purge, Purge, Purge: I will admit, I thought I had thrown away or donated all that I could when we moved. After a few months, I realized I still had clothing and items I no longer used and those were donated. A few items I was hoping to repair were beyond hope, so those got tossed. This freed up more space than I imagined.
  2. Get Rid Of Boxes: If you have items which came in a box and are still in the box, you are wasting space. If you have shoes in their original boxes or jewelry in theirs, you should recycle those. Afterwards, you will be surprised at how much space you create.
  3. Get Creative With Storage: Find places you can use for storage you would not normally think to use. I am using the space under my bed, my closet and walls.
  4. Closets: For me, my closet is a catch all for everything I do not have a place for. The problem with this is I cannot find anything in that pile! Use your closet to your advantage because if you are just hanging clothes in there, a lot of space is calling your name! You can store things above your clothes, on the floor and you can add shelving and stack containers to store your belongings.
  5. Furniture: Choosing the right furniture is probably the biggest key to organizing your bedroom. Choose dressers and nightstands which have deep drawers and plenty of them! Use bookcases and modular furniture whenever possible because they offer added storage space. One of my favorite places to get durable eco-friendly and easy to assemble furniture is Way Basics.

Way Basics

I have been a fan of Way Basics since my review, “Cool Sustainable Furniture From Way Basics“. Henry’s room was a total mess and his room was the first to be organized. This bookcase was a lifesaver when it came to organizing his room. When it came time to tackle my bedroom, I knew exactly where to go!

I received the Madison Bookcase in espresso, which sells for $90 on the Way Basics website. The unit is made from zBoard, which is a water-resistant and sustainable product made from recycled paper. Each shelf can hold up to 20 pounds and there is plenty of room in each area for my books, baskets, files and knick knacks. Within 10 minutes, I had a pretty space to hold all of my stuff and it looks fantastic in my room. I absolutely love my Madison Bookcase and with its fun and functional design, it will work in any decor I may change to down the road. You can also find wall shelves, cube storage, storage benches, storage baskets and more. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Pinterest.

What room in your house can use some organization?