5 Things To Take On Spring Break

I do not know about you, but I am about sick of this cold weather and all this snow and ice! We have had more snow days this year than we have had in the past 3 years combined! The kids and I are completely sick of being cooped up inside and are ready for the warm weather. In just a few weeks, spring break will be here and we cannot wait. Because we have had so many days at home, we decided to go away this year for spring break. Before we do, I wanted to make a list of the key things to take on spring break. If you are heading out as well, this may be a handy list for you to peruse as well!

5 Things To Take On Spring Break 2014

5 Things To Take On Spring Break 2014

  1. Pack The Right Clothes: Spring break is meant to be casual, so be sure to bring some cute shorts, 2 swim suits, tees and jeans. You may go out while you are there, so be sure to bring a cute dress or a dressy pair of jeans. Also take a sweater or hoodie for those cool nights, especially if you are going to the beach. Only pack a few pairs of shoes because they take up too much room in your suitcase and they can be heavy, making you pay extra charges if you are flying.
  2. Toiletries: You never know what the hotels will have as far as shampoo, soap and conditioner. You are better off to pack your own in travel size bottles. Bring a handful of Ziploc bags to keep your toiletries in just in case of leakage or if you are flying. Also bring a small first aid kit and any medications you take. I went to the beach one year and needed band aids for blisters and paid more than I should have because it was a vacation spot.
  3. A Large Tote Bag: If you plan on doing any shopping or going to the beach or pool, bring a large bag for your purchases or supplies. Bring a bag that folds easily into your suitcase and is lightweight but durable.
  4. Mobile Devices: You will want to bring your smartphone and make sure it is in a durable case or cover. There are tons of water and sand proof cases and covers which are pretty affordable and is your best bet if you plan to be near the pool or the beach. The same goes for your tablet and mP3 player so you can listen to music or stream videos or games when you are near the water.
  5. Portable Speaker: I never travel without a portable speaker, and prefer it to be wireless and Bluetooth enabled. I love to listen to music at the pool or the beach and you cannot do that without a good speaker. For me, the speaker that travels easily and gives me the sound quality I want is the voice and motion activated Portable Bluetooth Speaker from speeCup.


The speeCup is unlike any speaker I have ever had, and trust me, I have had several. It is Siri/S voice activated, is portable, wireless and Bluetooth enabled and even has surround sound! It is just 8” tall, looks like a travel coffee cup and can easily fit into the cup holder in your car, your bag, purse or suitcase. You can even clip it on your bike, slip it in your backpack or gym bag. The speaker is gesture and voice controlled, which is cooler than you can imagine because you never have to touch it to control it! You can turn control the volume with a wave of your hand or by commanding it to crank up the volume!  It is no surprise the speeCup was an honoree at the 2014 CES International Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. The speeCup is designed to play music as well as act as a hands-free, noise cancelling speakerphone. You can use it in your car, home, dorm room, camping, the beach or pool, office or about anywhere you can think of.

By using the audio out auxiliary cable, you can connect the speeCup directly to your car, home stereo system, phone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. The sound is crystal clear and you can use the Bluetooth capabilities up to 30 feet for up to 20 hours with the built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. We have used the speeCup when we had family over during the holidays, for a recent birthday party, for those boring Saturday cleaning sessions and for Caitlin and I to have our mother/daughter jamming sessions. If you want an excellent speaker with quality sound that is portable, wireless and affordable, the speeCup is perfect! You can purchase the speeCup in black, red or white for $130 from their website as well as on The Grommet.

What are your must have items to take on Spring Break?


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