Five Tips For Treating The Flu In Adults

We had the worst time with being sick this past winter. It seems at least one of us was sick almost the entire period from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. As a busy mom, it seems I am not “allowed” to get sick because I am taking care of everyone else. When I get sick, my entire family gets a bit lost, laundry piles up and dinner is pretzels and ice cream! If this sounds like you, I bet you do not take care of yourself as well as you should either. If we are going to be the supermom we want to be, we need to take care of ourselves. If we are too sick to do that, we should pass this list of tips for treating the flu in adults to our family!

5 Ideas  For Treating The Flu In Adults

5 Ideas For Treating The Flu In Adults

  1. Fluids: It is so important to drink plenty of fluids when you have the flu. You should drink water or fruit juice and try to stay away from the caffeine. Caffeine depletes the body of fluids, so you could get dehydrated if you are sick and drink too much coffee and soda and not enough water.
  2. Pain Relievers: If you have the body aches that go along with the flu, you will want to take something for the pain. It is recommended to take Tylenol or Motrin but not aspirin if you are under 18.
  3. Salt Water: If you have a sore throat, a good gargle with warm salt water will help. In addition, you may want to also use throat lozenges for the pain and dry cough the flu can bring.
  4. Protect Others: If you have the flu, you could be contagious for up to a week after your symptoms show up. If possible, stay home from work or school . If that is not possible, remember to cough into your arm or tissue, wash your hands often and do not share things like lipstick, water bottles and other items you have put your mouth on. So no kissing either!
  5. Get Plenty Of Rest: This is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself when you have the flu. A rested body can heal itself faster than a run down body. When I am sick, the one thing I want is a soft blanket to cuddle with! I have been a blanket person since I was little and carried my “blankie” around everywhere I went. I am so grateful to have had my Luster Loft Fleece Blanket from American Blanket Company when I was sick recently. It is one thing I was able to wrap around me and feel comfortable enough to get some sleep.

American Blanket Company

I am such a big baby when I get sick, it is pitiful. Now let me clarify when I say am sick, I mean SICK. I do not mean runny nose and a little cough sick. I mean chills, fever, hurting body and cannot get out of bed kind of sick. I am really bad about working and doing stuff around the house, even when I know I am getting this way. All it does it runs me down even more and then it hits me really hard. I remember just sitting in my bed crying and holding my new Luster Loft blanket like a little kid. My son was also sick, and he came to lay down in my bed with me. He said he wanted to snuggle under mommy’s “softest blanket EVER” because he was “sure it would make him feel better too”. Just to make sure he was able to make me feel better, Henry gave me Camo Bear to cuddle with.

This miraculous luxury blanket is made of the softest fleece American Blanket Company could find. It has this luster finish that stays soft no matter how many times you wash it. I have probably washed this blankets 5-6 times already and if anything, it is softer than it was when I first got it. I kid you not, after I put this blanket on my bed the first night, I tossed out both the blankets I had in my room in the donation bin. You can buy the blanket in twin, queen or king sizes and the prices range from $60-80. You can have it embroidered and it comes in nine colors. You can choose from Sea Mist Green, Buxton Blue, Golden Dune and the color I got, Pale Pink among others. The blankets are all made in America, come in a beautiful box with a ribbon AND it is guaranteed for a lifetime! American Blanket Company also sells throws and baby blankets. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram . One USA reader will win a Luster Loft blanket in their choice of size and color.

What is your go to flu remedy when you are sick?


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