Make Your Holiday Party Fun

When it comes to holiday entertaining, I love to do it but do not claim to be an expert. I tend to get so busy with my shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts and the like that I forget the small details. When you throw a party, it is easy to send out the invites, buy some food and drinks and then expect the party to propel itself. Sadly, it does not happen that way and I have had some duds because of it! With so many parties still to comes this week, I wanted to make sure my guests, as well as myself and my family, had a memorable time. Here are some tips to throw a fun party!

tozz football

5 Ideas That Will Ensure A Fun And Festive Holiday Party

  1. Lighting: Do not rely on the lighting in your home to set the mood for your party. Instead, string some fun and colorful lighting like mini trees, gift boxes or Chinese lanterns.
  2. Beverages: Do not be afraid to serve punch, just make sure it is the kind your guests like! Serve an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic version so all of your guests can enjoy this fruity drink.
  3. Food: Instead of a heavy, sit down dinner, consider setting up trays of finger foods, chips and dips, snacks and sweets all over the party area. This ensure guests will move around the room instead of congregating in one space.
  4. Music: Instead of playing strictly holiday music, throw in a vairety of other party music. By this stage of the game, people are getting sick of the same old party tunes. If you are going to play just holiday music, be sure to include classics as well as new versions of old favorites.
  5. Games: Do not be afraid of offering games for your guests to play. Many people are happy to have a diversion of all the drinking, eating and talking during the first part of the party. Offer indoor as well as outdoor games (weather permitting) like those from Zume Games and toys.

zume badmiton
When I was little, one of my favorite games to play with my mom and older brothers and sister was badminton. It was one game we could all play together and you did not need to be an expert to play it. Mom loved it because try as they may, it was super hard for my brothers to hurt my sister and myself! They loved to torture us at every chance they had as brothers will do! My mom would have loved the cool Portable Instant Badminton Set from Zume Games, which retails for $100. It comes with everything you need for an impromptu party game including your net, rackets, birdies and a convenient carrying case. The set up for the badminton set takes literally a minute and you are ready to play!

The other favorite Zume Games toy is the uber cool glow-in-the-dark, super soft, super grippable Tozz football, which retails for just $21 or you can get the non glow version for $18. Henry has difficulty holding traditional footballs, so the Tozz football was a welcome treat for him. He can easily wrap his hands around it and with its unique and innovative textured design, he can grip it and throw it without it slipping through his fingers.

Because it is made from soft materials, you can play with it inside or out, but be sure you are not playing near anything breakable as accidents can happen! If you want your holiday party to be a big hit, be sure to include the fun products from Zume Games. They also offer the creative Bottle Battle, Tenniz and Dizk. One USA reader will win a Zume Games Tozz Football and Badminton Set ARV $120.

What tips do you have to make your holiday party fun?