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The Five Top Gaming Accessories

Since we got the kids an Xbox for Christmas, Henry has been using that thing a lot! He is fast becoming a “serious” gamer. My best friend’s son Adam is close to Henry’s age and they will get their headsets on and could play for hours if we let them. Sometimes they will be so into the game they are playing that they do not even want to take breaks. Henry could go all day without eating, drinking or stretching his legs if we did not remind him! My bedroom is across the hall fro Henry’s and I always keep my door cracked open a bit. The other night I was working, and I heard Henry say, “Dude, hold on dude, I need to go to the bathroom”. A few seconds later I heard Henry continue to talk, so I asked who he was talking to, he said “Adam”. I asked if he was still going to the bathroom and he said, “Well, yeah”. Seriously?! Hilarious! I have been slowly learning about the things a true gamer would need and thought I would share them in case you have a gamer in your house:

Five Top Gaming Accessories

  1. Gaming System: Of course you must have a gaming system in order to be a even considered to be a gamer. We have the Xbox as well as the Wii, which I have in my room to watch Netflix and we have a PlayStation, but we don’t use that one as much anymore.
  2. Controllers: I was not aware of it, but I now know there are more than a few options when it comes to game controllers. There are wired, wireless, glow in the dark, colored, keyboard ready and a few more. Depending on your gaming system, there are other controllers you may need as well.
  3. Accessories: Depending on your system, you can add accessories to play certain games. For instance, for the Wii you can add a gun, steering wheel, tennis racket and several others. As I mentioned earlier, apparently if you are going to call yourself a gamer, you better have a headset for the Xbox!
  4. Battery Chargers: If you have a child who plays video games, you probably go through a ton of batteries. At one point, we were going through 12-20 batteries in a week. I finally got a clue and bought a batter charger as well as a charger for the controller so we have all of our bases covered.
  5.  Gaming Chair: Henry has been sitting on his bed which is on the other side of the room from his Xbox. He told me that was unacceptable for someone of his gaming status and I had to rectify that situation. Lucky for me, Sam from Boom Chair came to my rescue! If you are looking for a quality chair for your gamer, Boom Chair is THE place to go.

I have been thinking about getting the kids a gaming chair for a while but was not sure how to choose one. Most of the chairs we found at local retail stores were so cheap and, well, um, ugly! No offense but who designs these things? Now if you want to see some awesomely cool gaming chairs you need to head over to Boom Chair! Sam helped me choose the Pulse Boom Chair Wireless Gaming Chair and it is absolutely perfect! It looks awesome, it is way comfortable and the sound is Ah-Mazing! The head rest has speakers on either side so you get great sound while you are playing (or watching tv). I love the wireless capabilities because Henry’s room is not very big and we are already over wired as it is. The chair is padded, so it is comfy, and you can use your Boom Chair with any multi media device that has audio outputs. When we have our family movie night, Henry will pull his Boom Chair into the family room and I must admit, I am a bit jealous of the sound experience he gets. It is almost like being in a theater! I am not kidding! If you are in the market for a gaming chair, you should go to the experts and that would be the folks over at Boom Chair. They are on the cutting edge of design and their competitors are miles behind them! You can purchase the Pulse Boom Chair for $190 as well as many others at Boom Chair online. I am totally getting Caitlin the Diva chair because that faux pink fur is the delio!

Use the code MAKOBI10 for 10%off plus free UPS Ground shipping to the US minus Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico.

One reader will win one Pulse Boom Chair ($190.00)


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  2. I like the Stealth BoomChair. Thanks! My son would keel over if I brought this home! I have a whole family of gamers here; I even play with the kids every once in a while. hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

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  4. ooo this has my sons name all over it he would be so excited to have me win this and sitting in his room I hope I can make his day by winning

  5. its hard to decide! i like the boompod boomchair but i think my favorite is the diva boomchair!

  6. It would have to be the Stealth BoomChair®. The others are too low for me. If I got down in them, I wouldn’t be able to get up.

  7. I’m really liking the Sky chair..But then again I’m thinking only of myself and not the kids..lol..For the kids the Boom chair is a fine looking chair.. I’m liking the Amp2 chair for the music lover in my life..
    Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus…Oops..I mean the Easter Bunny…lol

  8. I like the Diva Boom Chair for my daughter! She would love this!
    Pinterest: hotval16
    Instagram: hotval16

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