Five Ways To A Kid Friendly Family Room

If you have kids, you know how important it is to make sure they are comfortable in their own home. I had a grandmother who apparently was not aware of this fact and had the least kid friendly house in America. The place was dark, dank, dusty and the furniture actually had plastic on it! I mean, really? We only came over about once a month, so did she sit on that stuff on the other 29 or 30 days we were not there? Maybe she was really clumsy and messy like me and she needed it for herself instead of for my sister and I! I make sure I have as kid friendly family room as possible and here are the tips I went buy when setting it up:

Five Ways To A Kid Friendly Family Room

  1. Protect Those Valuables: If you have a Ming vase or a Faberge Egg laying around the family room, you may want to move them our of the kids reach. Kids are going to get rough and tumble sometimes and keeping breakables within reach is not a good idea.
  2. Storage: If you keep toys and games in the family room, you need some storage for them. If you can find furniture that will hide them, like a table with drawers, that is perfect. If not, no worries! You can still display them, just do it with a tasteful piece of storage like a nice bookcase or shelving unit.
  3. Media Center: If your family room is like ours, you do most of your TV and video viewing in there. Find a cabinet that can house all of your media that looks great as well.
  4. Get Colorful: Who wants a family room with boring white walls or a somber or dark color? Give the room some personality with a family friendly color like a sunny yellow or a tranquil sea foam green!
  5. Furniture: The furniture you choose is key to a successful family room. A great anchor piece is a large leather sofa that is easy to clean and will fit the whole family. You also want a few side pieces the kids can call their own like the fun and colorful furniture from Bubble Inflatables.

Kid Friendly Family Room

I love the furniture from Bubble Inflatables because it is fun, retro and the kids LOVE it! You would be surprised at how durable this furniture actually is! The furniture is made of 0.35mm 6P Free PVC and has a weight tolerance of 500 lbs. for the couch. We were sent 2 chairs, the sofa and an ottoman, so the kids have a complete family room all for themselves! The sofa is plenty big for 2 teenagers to sit in without yelling “Stop touching me!” The chairs are surprisingly roomy and comfortable and even I can sit my larger frame in them with no problems. I especially like the built in cup holder, which keeps the kids drinks nearby and lessens the likelihood they will spill them.

The couch, which is the largest of the items we received, blew up with an electric pump within minutes and was ready for the kids to relax. Henry has called dibs on it and you are actually hard pressed to get a chance to sit on it yourself! The prices of the furniture ranges from $17.99 for the ottoman to $69.99 for the couch and they come in 9 colors including yellow, blue, pink, green and red. You can order directly from the website and typically ships the same day you place your order! Make your family room fun and kid friendly by adding some Bubble Inflatables furniture! Be sure to stay current with the latest from and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

One USA reader will win a Chair, Couch and Ottoman from Bubble Inflatables ARV $138


  1. this huge inlatable chair is very neat who ever wins will shurely injoy it if i happen to win im giving to my little sis who is 3 she would love it

  2. I like the Ocean Blue Inflatable Bubble Chair. My son has been wanting a video game chair – this could work!

  3. I like the Bubble Chair they come in so many different colors and orange it hard to find. It’s my daughters favorite.

  4. I really like the Smoke Black Inflatable Bubble Chair. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  5. Purple Bubble couch!!! I love it.. I DO not think it would last all that long with my bunch, seriously.. but it would be fun to see..

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