The Brazilian team known as Mengão, whose legion of supporters is probably the biggest in Brazil, had a very special manager join them last year. His name is Jorge Jesus, and under his leadership, they were able to win practically everything they had available. It’s heaven for the club, but also great for those who enjoyed the best bookmaker offers on — the odds were very exciting for all of Mengão’s games!

But who is Jorge Jesus, really? Well, the Portuguese coach has had a very intense a rich career in Portugal, but a rather discrete one in international terms. Here’s what his curriculum looked like at that point:

  • three times winner of the Portuguese League with Benfica, while amassing some other domestic cups;
  • two times runner-up of the Europa League with the same club;
  • various successful managing stints with other League clubs, except or a rather disappointing recent stint with Sporting CP, Benfica’s biggest rival;
  • a brief experience at Al-Hilal, who ended up being champions even after Jesus did not complete the whole season.

And thus, his curriculum wasn’t exactly a guarantee of such rich national and international success for Mengão, but he was able to garner the best exhibitions for each individual player on his team, and thus led it to an amazing victory in Libertadores final against River Plate last season. A great experience for him and the club, and, also of course for the best bookmaker offers on

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Whether or not you’re a huge boxing fan, it’s undeniable the sport has been living a surge of popularity in the last half a decade or so. Whether it is the pay-per-views turning up more money than usual, or the athletes all displaying in a great, enthusiastic form, boxing betting – – has also gotten to a peak in popularity in recent times.

One will remember the big matches of the decade fondly, which surely were, in what media coverage is concerned, both Pacquiao vs Mayweather and the latter vs Conor McGregor — which, at some point, felt like the most incredible crossover episode any fighting fan would have hoped for.

Only time will tell how the sport is going to develop further in the next years. The old business model is not so viable anymore in the 21st century, and this sport, just like many others, has to adapt itself. In any case, be sure to follow boxing betting – for news on bets and on the sport itself!

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