Flatout Flatbread

If you are looking for a low-fat, high fiber flatbread that taste great, look no further than Flatout Flatbread.  I am constantly watching what I eat and looking for healthy alternatives to the standard white bread.  I love sandwiches and wraps so I’m not willing to go “bread free”!  Flatout Flatbread is made from 100% stone ground whole wheat, loaded with fiber and is the healthy alternative to sliced bread.  I was sent several varieties of Flatout Flatbread to sample, Whole Grain White, Light Original, Light Spinach, Light Italian Herb, Mini Harvest Wheat, Rosemary and Olive Oil Foldit Flatbread, as well as the Baked Flatbread Crisps.

Heart Healthy High Fiber

Flatout Bread is a heart healthy, high fiber food that you can feel good about eating and serving your family.  My husband and I had a chance to sample each flatbread with our lunches over the past several days.  I had tried the Original Flatout Flatbread before when I was doing Weight Watchers and enjoyed it.  I remembered the flatbread having a bit of a grainy texture to it but when I tried the Light Original this time, I didn’t notice that.  I love the variety of the new flavors and definitely like the Light Spinach the best.  I made a turkey sandwich with avocado, tomato and cucumber on the Light Spinach Flatbread and it was amazing!  And for only 90 calories, 2.5g fat and 9g fiber, it not only takes great, but its a healthy choice!  My husband preferred the Light Italian Herb flatbread the best.  He made a wrap with provolone cheese, ham, salami and italian dressing and was surprised at how delicious the wrap was, considering all the fiber and whole wheat in it!   Tonight for dinner, we made chicken gyros out of the Rosemary and Olive Oil Foldit Flatbread and they were a bit hit, even with the kids!  The chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and tzatziki sauce all fit perfectly in the flatbread and all stayed in place because of the unique folding design of the flatbread.  I served the Baked Flatbread Crisps on the side and my kids loved them! What a sneaky way to get 5g of fiber per serving into my picky children!

High Fiber Recipes For Kids

Im always looking for high fiber recipes for kids in an attempt to introduce more whole grain into my children’s diets.  Flatout Flatbread is great for making high fiber, low fat and low calorie pizza! Yes pizza!!  I took a Light Italian Herb flatbread and covered it with sauce, cheese and pepperoni.  14 minutes in the oven and dinner was ready!  My son loves pepperoni pizza and he didn’t even realize that he was eating his pizza on a flatbread with 9g of fiber and only 90 calories!  I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow.  Im making peanut butter and jelly with banana and granola wrapped in a mini harvest wheat flatbread.  The possibilities are endless!  The Flatout Flatbread website offers pages and pages of ideas for recipes!

Flatout Flatbread is the heart healthy, high fiber, low fat alternative to bread!  Try all the delicious flavors today!  Follow them on Facebook for the latest product information and a money saving coupon.

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