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Have you ever heard or read about the old fashioned apothecaries? An apothecary was a medical professional who would create and dispense medications to doctors, surgeons and patients. In addition, the apothecary would offer medical advice, counsel his patrons and was even a midwife from time to time. The apothecary was someone the community replied upon for his knowledge and more importantly, their personal attention to the people in their care. They took time and care to know each of their patrons and became a figure the members of the area could depend upon and trust.

Today, the apothecary is known as a pharmacist and they are not preforming any midwifery duties any longer! We still trust and depend upon our pharmacist to dispense our medications properly. We also have come to depend upon our pharmacist to offer their knowledge and expertise in how we are to take our medications. Sadly, we have found the small town feel of that trust and personal knowledge has gone by the wayside.
I have struggled to find a pharmacy where I was considered an integral part of their day and I mattered to the staff. Instead, I found I was just a number in a long line of customers waiting for their medication while they were at the grocery store. You were lucky to even get a moment of the pharmacist’s time when you picked up your medication if you had any questions. I wanted more and I finally found it with my local Target Pharmacy.  That is when I decided to Flip the Script and move my prescriptions from my local grocery store to my Target Pharmacy.

It is very easy to Flip The Script and Target accepts most insurances. All you need to transfer your prescriptions is:

  1. Name of your current pharmacy
  2. Phone number of your current pharmacy
  3. Prescription number

To transfer your prescriptions, you just do one of the following:

  1.  Ask a pharmacist
  2. Text RX to 827438 (TARGET)
  3. Call 877-796-2743
  4. Visit

Also, when you Flip The Script, you get all the benefits of Target Pharmacy Rewards , which include: Fill five prescriptions and get 5% off a day of shopping, earn rewards faster by filling pet prescriptions, getting vaccinations such as the flu shot and adding all family members to one account. I love knowing I can ask my Target pharmacist anything and I know she will shoot straight with me. If I have questions on my medications, if I can get the medications for a lower price or I am not clear about anything regarding my prescription, she will take the time to explain it to me. We have 7 monthly prescriptions at our local Target Pharmacy and she always greets my husband by name and asks how we are all doing. She makes sure we completely understand everything and is so patient when we do not!

The other thing I appreciate it when they say my medications will be ready at my Target Pharmacy, they are ready! I cannot tell you how many times I got an automated call from my other pharmacy telling me my scripts were ready, only to stand in line and then to be told they were still being processed. At Target, they know my time is valuable and I can trust them when they tell me I can pick up m medications. I cannot imagine trusting anyone else to handle our prescriptions from now on. One USA reader will win a $50 Target eGift Card.

What are you most excited for about Target Pharmacy?