Flirty Girl Fitness Live Online Fitness Classes

I am constantly trying to find time to integrate working out into my daily routine and I love how Flirty Girl Fitness Live online fitness classes are available anytime you are!  Between my part-time job as a nurse and my full-time job as a mom, I have little time to do things for myself, like working out.  Some days between household chores and playdates, there is just no time to make it to the gym for a workout.  I get bored with the same routine and need variety to stay motivated.  Flirty Girl Fitness Live gives me the freedom and flexibility to workout in the comfort of my home when I want to!

Online Fitness Classes

There are very few online fitness classes out there and the ones that I have come across are routine and mundane.  I lose interest very easily if I’m doing the same video over and over.  Flirty Girl Fitness Live has truly revived my passion for exercise.  Flirty Girl Fitness was created by two sisters, Kerry and Krista Knee, who have a passion for health and fitness.  The original Flirty Girl Fitness facility opened in Toronto in 2005.  Since then, the sisters have opened their second flagship location in Chicago in 2007.  That year, they also teamed up with Savvier Fitness to develop Flirty Girl Fitness Home Edition, a collection of dance and fitness DVDs.  Flirty Girl Fitness Live is their latest endevour with Savvier Fitness, in an effort to provide women access to fitness at home, at work and on-the-go!  Three to four classes a day are streamed live from their Toronto location, giving you the opportunity to experience their classes while being in a remote location.  These classes are all steamed live and unedited so its just like being at the class!  If you miss the class live, they are also posted for 24 hours AFTER the initial session!  Anytime of day or night, you can log onto Flirty Girl Fitness Live and have access to these high energy, effective workouts!

Online Fitness Programs

Flirty Girl Fitness Live has an impressive amount of online fitness programs so there is almost something fun and different to try!  Classes include Body Blast, 30 Min Express Cardio, Bikini Bootcamp, Booty Beat and Sexy Sculpt.  My two favorite classes that I tried was Bikini Bootcamp and Sexy Sculpt.  I work out three times a week for at least an hour so I thought I was in pretty good shape going into these classes!  I was surprised at what an amazing workout they were.  I couldn’t even make it through the first Bikini Bootcamp class!  These instructors mean business. One nice thing about these classes is that I had to option to pause the workout and come back after a few minutes of rest!  The teachers are motivating and the music is fun and really keeps the energy going!  The Sexy Sculpt reminds me of my favorite class I used to take at my gym up north.  Since having children, I can’t always make it to a class at a specific time so this is a perfect way to get a good workout in on MY schedule.

Not only is Flirty Girl Fitness Live fun and effective, its affordable!  You can try out a 24hr pass for $5 or a 7 day pass for only $10!  This will give you a chance to try out the classes and see if you like it.  Or more likely, see how much you love it!!  Once you discover how wonderful Flirty Girl Fitness Live is, you can get unlimited monthly access for only $15!  You would pay that for ONE class at a local gym!  Flirty Girl Fitness Live is the NEW way to workout in the comfort of your home!  Follow Flirty Girl Fitness Live on Facebook for the latest information!

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