Waiting for the Florida EcoSafari Zip Line AdventureToday, we were treated to an amazing adventure zip-lining across 4600 acres of Florida preserves and wildlife at Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida. In the above picture you can see us all waiting to start our adventure. Many of us were nervous about embarking on one of the many undertakings offered.

Buggy Ride OutOn our buggy ride out there, we learned about the Florida ecosystem and interesting tidbits like how the Kissimmee Florida Cracker cow was the first “beef” in America. You can see all of us social media gurus tweeting in real time to bring our adventure to you. You can follow us on Twitter with #DisneyGlobalEvent to see what we are doing and to learn more about what escapades the winner of the seven day Kissimmee Dream Vacation will be able to do!  We also learned about how the country is being over-run by wild boar hybrid that can grow to the size of a volkswagon bus – up to 800 pounds. Yes that is huge and they call them hogzilla. Hard to believe right? That is what I thought to until I looked them up on You Tube.

Crazy Steps To The Zipline Run

Good thing we were able to eat a good breakfast cooked by Chef Linda because we needed all our strength for the 140 steps up to the zipline, and you know what goes up must come down. Pictured to the left is the stand that we climbed! We had 10 jumps from pole to pole that varied in height, length and speed. It was a thrill to stand at the edge of the platform and be expected to just sit and glide off. I made a video compliation of the bloggers on the trip jumping so you could see a sampling of the fantastic sights and funny landings that some of us had.

The first jump to begin your zip from one platform to the other was pretty scary, but after you got one or three under your belt they became easier as you went. Soon we were almost ziplining pros – almost.

The group split up into different adventures so while I was doing the two hour zipline tour, others were able to experience the Panther Pounce which was a jump from really, really high, the canopy cycle which is a breathtaking ride through the pines powered by your own legs, and the brand new rollercoaster rattlesnake ride.


Once we were done with our zip line tour, I walked by the Panther Pounce and knew I had to try it. Many of the bloggers just leapt right off the edge like it was a walk in the park and some even flew off backwards; however, I wanted to lean off the edge facing the ground coming toward my face. I figured, I had sky dived before and I just had finsihed the the zipline course. Easy right?! LOL My knees were shaking and I caught my breath as I peered over the edge. Could I do it? The guide said it was a little harder leaning over because most people buckled their knees by instinct, but I knew I had to take the cahllenge and try. I took a breath (after I said holy moly no way a few times) and leaned into the wind above the little people who looked like ants below. I kept my knees straight and swan dived (plummeted) to the earth. I was so happy I did it I forgot to land on my feet! It was scary but I felt real proud of myself after doing it! You can see that video below. You can follow Florida EcoSafaris on Twitter, Google Plus and You Tube.

Florida Eco preserve is part of the HUGE 7 day Kissimee Dream Vacation. You can get a head start on the giveaway by Liking Florida Eco Preserve now! If you are excited as I am about this giveaway which this event is part of, please take a minute to retweet the below tweet and stay – tuned for the UPCOMING Giveaway!


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