Funny and Unique T-Shirts

Do you enjoy wearing funny and unique t-shirts?  The holidays are coming up soon, so it is time to start making that list and checking it twice.  Perhaps you will need a birthday gift for an upcoming birthday?  I am always on the lookout for unique gifts for friends and family.  I do not really enjoy purchasing gift cards or items they can get on their own.  If you enjoy purchasing different gifts as well, Fly Guy Brand may be just what you need for that special someone.


Fly Guy Brand

Fly Guy Brand specializes in t-shirts with super cute sayings on them with images of FlyGuy or FlyGirl.  There are a variety of shirts and sayings to choose from for both men, women, girls and boys.  Most of the t-shirts are not gender specific, which makes finding a shirt that would appeal to anyone a breeze.  There is a Fly Skater Tee for the skate boarders, a Fly Artist Tee for the creative ones in your life, an adorable pink FlyGirl Tee specifically for girls and women, a Fly Money Maker Tee for your entrepreneurs, and more.

The company Fly Guy Brand is located in Colorado and was created by two brothers Austin and Preston.  They both wanted to create a brand that would express everything they do, such as riding and making money.  I should not forget to mention that Austin and Preston are eight and thirteen years old respectively.  They are quite the young entrepreneurs.  Austin and Preston hold monthly business meetings, make design decisions, and do cold calls at local stores themselves. They even started their own marketing plan and have handed out almost 1000 of their brand’s stickers at skate parks and store openings.  This all came about as a way to supplement their weekly allowance.

Do you want to be a “FlyGirl” or a “FlyBoy”?  Then fly on over to the Fly Guy Brand website to start shopping!  All their t-shirts are $19.95 for all their sizes.  At checkout, do not forget to add the free FluGuy Signature Signature as well as FlyGuy Stickers for $9.95 on to your order.