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Foldable Ballet Flats From Konvine Sweepstakes

Foldable Ballet Flats

So, have you heard of the new foldable ballet flats?  Who knew ballet flats were not just for ballet dancers?  I remember how much I loved wearing my ballet flats as a child and hiding from my mother when she would tell me to change out of them after ballet class.  I would hide them in my pockets when I left for school and would stash my saddle oxfords under the porch and put on my ballet slippers and wore them at school.  (If you are too young to know what saddle oxfords are; Google it!!)  I had no idea so many years later that my trend of 30+ years ago would crop up again today!!  I love that women are finally ditching their sneakers for ballet flats when walking to their office.  There is nothing funnier than to see these career women rushing around in their business suits and sneakers!! (No disrespect if you are one of those women!).

Konvine is a footwear company that makes an assortment of adorable yet practical ballet flats.  The problem with wearing traditional ballet flats is the bottom wears so easily.  I wasn’t able to wear them back and forth to school each day without finally fessing up to my mom that they had fallen apart!  With the Konvine shoes, the soles are made of a sturdy material that will last you a good long time.  The many choices of colors and styles as well as the affordable prices will allow you to begin a small collection of your own!  I would only wear them to and from appointments and errands while other women will find as many uses for them as they have styles!!  You can wear the Konvine shoes while traveling, at work or even for a new bride at her reception!  There are endless scenarios that would easily call for the Konvine ballet flats.

Trade In Your Flip Flops

My husband is all about the idea of a woman who will trade in her flip flops.  Chris says that flip flops are socially inept footwear that should be outlawed!!  I try to wear acceptable looking flip flops but there are some venues that just aren’t going to work with flip flops.  I knew I was in serious need of a flip flop intervention while I was in church.  First, let me say my church is very contemporary and laid back, so they actually say in their literature “Flip Flops are welcome”.  I think they meant the idea of that easy and laid back comfort that flip flops bring to mind but not the flip flop itself.  One morning I sat in my usual seat located towards the front on the end seat.  I had a few cups of coffee in me and I had to use the restroom pronto.  I got up and as I walked up the aisle, all you could hear was my feet flipping and flopping towards the door!  Oh my red face!!  Well, I have found an acceptable alternative to my flip flops in my new Konvine shoes!!  I was given one pair of the pink flats ($12.95) as well as the silver roll ups with the heart rhinestones ($31.95).  Guess which pair I have loved wearing?  BOTH!!!  These are so adorable and comfortable and I have to admit that I have finally shunned my flip flops from this day forward!!

One reader will win their choice of one pair of Konvine ballet flats ($10.95-$39.95) (based on availability)

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  1. Sorry about the last post, I tried to copy and past but it didn’t work. My favorite is the New Style! – Shimmery Black Roll-Ups with Crown!

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