When shopping for the fit and fashionable, there is a wealth of products that are designed to enhance an active or sportive lifestyle that make thoughtful gifts. Whether you are shopping for the holidays, birthdays, or just want to give a pal a special remembrance, be sure to keep these fitness-friendly items in mind.

S’well Water Bottle

Available in four different metallic shades, S’well Water Bottles boast amazing insulating properties that will keep your water cold or tea hot for hours upon hours. High-end and certainly healthier for humans and the environment than plastic bottles, the S’well Water Bottle is an attention-getting accessory that fulfills awesome functionality. Be sure to buy two because you’ll want one for yourself.


The FlipBelt is a fabulous way to carry your keys, cash, and cell phone when you’re out power walking. Less bulky–and more stylish–than the fanny pack, the FlipBelt gives you hands-free mobility while keeping your essentials safe during your workout.

Beginner’s Yoga Kit

You can put together a cool yoga kit or purchase one ready-made that comes with a how-to video, a yoga mat, and even an exercise ball. This is a great way to start someone on a new fitness routine.

Word Combination Lock

Do you have a friend or family member who is forever forgetting their numerical locker combination? Maybe they’ll respond better to words. A word combination lock is the perfect gift for people who need to lock up their belongings at the gym or even their bicycles.

Ear-Warming Wireless Headphones

If you have friends who enjoy walking or biking in cold weather, consider giving them a pair of wireless headphones that actually warm their ears like winter head gear. Your friend or family member can enjoy listening to music or even a streaming audio book.

Portion Control Plates

Do you know someone who always seems to be following the latest fad diet? You can help them on their quest to lose weight by gifting them some stylish portion control plates that are designed in just the right size for enjoying small meals.

Workout Bag

There are so many stylish workout bags on the market today, but you can give someone a customized bag that’s designed for the activity they like best. For instance, some bags come with a convenient storage section for yoga mats or running shoes. Available in different sizes, patterns, and colors, workout bags are a must for people who regularly visit a fitness center or gym.

Food Steamer

A stainless steel food steamer that fits conveniently into a pan and then collapses for easy storage is the perfect gift for people who enjoy cooking healthy. Steamed food is ideal for maintaining the nutrients in foods like vegetables.

Sunlight Desk Lamp

If you live in climate that experiences dark and dreary winters, you or a loved one may benefit from the Sunlight Desk Lamp. Sunlight is important stimulating vitamin D production. This vitamin is associated with the production of mood-regulating hormones like serotonin. You can chase away the winter blues simply by working beside this sunny appliance.

Magazine Subscription

You can ensure that your loved one keeps up to date with style and health trends by giving them a subscription to a healthy living magazine or fitness journal. They’ll think if you with gratitude each time a new issue arrives.


Although there are high-end fitness trackers available today, the old-fashioned pocket-sized pedometer still counts those steps like a champ. If you know someone who is starting a walking routine or just trying to be more active around the house, a pedometer is a great gift to get them tracking their movement.

Smoothie-Making Supplies

You can encourage a loved one to eat healthier by giving them a smoothie-making kit along with a recipe book for concocting delicious and healthy smoothies. Fresh fruit and frozen yogurt can make for a delectable post work-out treat.

Zumba Class

Sign your best pal up for a fitness class like Zumba. An experiential gift is ideal for lots of people who already seem to have it all. Similarly, gym and health club memberships also make for thoughtful gifts.

Workout Clothes

From pullovers to hats, workout clothing is something that will always come in handy for any fitness guru in your life. Just choose items in their favorite colors and your gift is sure to be a hit.

You can present meaningful gifts when you take people’s passions into consideration. If you have family members or friends who are passionate about fitness and style, be sure to keep these hot gifts in mind.

John Chambers has worked as a personal shopper for the last 4 years. It fulfils his love of shopping and fashion without him actually needing to spend his own cash, though he’s tempted into something new for himself more often than not.