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Ford Atlas Concept Truck Chicago Auto Show #smp13 #cas13

Ford Atlas Concept Truck Chicago Auto Show #smp13 #cas13

Ford Concept Truck Chicago Auto Show

I had a blast at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show and when I saw the Ford Atlas Concept Truck, I thought of my husband.  Whether you use a truck for work or play, the Ford Atlas Concept Truck will be right up your alley.  Not only is this truck great looking, but it is absolutely built to bear the weight (like Atlas in Greek Mythology) of whatever you throw at it.  Although the truck won’t be available until the 2014 cars are released for sale, the price range is said to be in the $29,000 and up category.

Ford Concept Truck Chicago Auto Show

Considering the 2013 Ford F-150 is priced in a similar range, this is good news to fans of Ford, who are on a budget as they will get more for their money with this smart choice.   Here are some of the highlights of this amazing vehicle:

  • Hidden Cargo Ramps:   My husband owns his own business and he has pretty heavy equipment he takes on the road with him.  One of the exciting features of the Ford Atlas Concept Truck is the built in bed ramps just like the ones you have seem in moving vans for years.  This is a huge boon for anyone who loads equipment, four wheelers, motorcycles, etc. in and out of their truck.
  • Dual-Purpose Tailgate Step and Cargo Cradle: This is a really useful feature for those extra-long items you need to haul in your truck.  This feature lifts and holds items like a canoe, lumber, beams and just about any really long item you can think of.  The step extends out and up to allow for additional support for the cargo.
  • Dynamic Hitch Assist:  Many truck owners will tell you hitching a trailer is not only hard to do, but sometimes it is downright intimidating.  Well, if you fit into this group, the Dynamic Hitch Assist is going to make your day!  This feature helps you line up your truck hitch with the trailer via a display screen in the truck.
  • 360-Degree Point-of-View Camera:  I know my husband would love this feature because he often gets in situations that make him back into tight spaces.  With this camera, you take all the guesswork and stress off of you and into this hand feature.  This feature will detect any obstacles that are in your way so you are completely in the clear while trying to maneuver your truck.
  • LED Headlamps and Tail Lamps:  If you find yourself either doing a lot of night driving or off road driving, this is a must have feature for you.  These lights are made to burn brighter than traditional halogen lamps and they burn longer as well.
  • LED Cargo Box and Side Mirror Lighting: I found this feature really cool because my husband often works at night when it is cooler, and he complains about not having the proper lighting to illuminate the truck bed.  This feature completely erases that issue as the bed of the truck is brightly light in an instant without draining your battery.
  • Adjustable Air Dam:  This feature allows you to encounter less air flow, which gives you more control when driving and better fuel economy.  When you are driving on the road, the air dam lowers itself to give you better aerodynamics.  When you are off road driving, the dam raises to give you better ground clearance.
  • Power Running Boards: Although this feature has been seen on Ford trucks in the past, it is popular enough that it may be coming standard on the Atlas.  When you combine this feature with the AC power outlets in the truck bed, you will have ready access to power when you need it.

As you can see, this exciting new truck from Ford has a lot to offer.  I think the worst thing about this truck will be waiting for its release so the truck can move from the fantasy category into the reality category!